AMY LOU – Addiction


Fife’s resident Irn Bru Empress has killed it with her last pair of singles, and her latest song out is another belter to add to the arsenal!

As usual, Amy is fiercely devoted in her vocal delivery, in the processing creating (for lack of a better word) an addictive hook that is plain awesome, and you find yourself almost singing along, even in the privacy of your own home.

The fuzzy guitars are sweet, the super sharp drum beats from her loyal kit-man and co-writer Joe especially resonate, and the lyrics are great too, and overall, the whole thing just has a relentlessly vivid energy that makes you want to get up and let loose like a madman.

AS SIRENS FALL – We Go Down Together

The Keighley alt-rock band’s post-Where Lost Things Go era is welcomed in by this new single, a short yet blistering, off-the-wall banger that explodes with a full-frontal energy, aggressive guitars, a forcible rhythm and perhaps the best performance ever heard out of leading man Mikey.

Their sound is clearly evolving and I’m buzzing to see the future results coming as a result of this.


One of the Scottish scene’s hottest rising acts continue to strive ever onward thanks to another infectious tune with an utterly catchy, hip-shaking melody that is good enough in the verses, but oh boy, when they progress into the chorus, it’s nothing short of irresistible.

Add to that some light gravelly vocals, distinctly sharp drum shots and sweet riff chords, and you have yourself a delightful tropical banger, and I’m looking forward to seeing how capable Mark and co are in a live situation come their Saint Luke’s show next month.

KENDAMA – Closure

The synth-pop duo broke into the Scottish spotlight in superb fashion with their debut single Wake earlier this year, and they’re back to light up the joint once more with this juicy cut.

Refined singing, cool electronics, brilliant drumming, a catchy chorus and a sublime production level are all in play here, leading up to the final third which is an awesome breath-taking frenzy, transforming this from something good to something absolutely great.


I don’t know how I let this Leeds indie pop group slip from my radar for so long, but it was nice to be given a strong first impression with their latest track.

Although falling a little on the simple side, there is a clear passion bursting through the singing, the instrumentations are tight across the board – especially the drum work that protrudes out – the sound in general is enjoyably bright and spirited, and the chorus is top notch.

LAZYBONES – Trash Talk

I’ve said time and time again that the Brighton music scene is one of the strongest England has to offer, and lo and behold, here’s another very worthwhile prospect.

This is a supreme belter of a tune, with so much to love: biting, raunchy vocals, a gritty bassline, whopping drums, addictive recurring hooks, an electric sense of energy that never simmers, damn good lyrics and a hell of a chorus.

MING & PING – Heaven’s Light

After a period of radio silence, LA-based Hong Kong electronic duo are back on the scene with a new EP, fronted by this tidy track.

The doctored harmonies are splendid, the synths are so rich and to die for, the melody regularly switches up styles to keep the listener curiously hooked, and on the whole, there’s a transcendent spectrum that drapes the song in this gorgeously luminous atmosphere.

LAYAWAY – Falling Knives

These alt-rockers from Glasgow have been garnering a lot of attention this year, but not too surprising given the quality of content they’ve been churning out such as this.

An impassioned track powered by a loud and large scaled sound and a perpetual rousing energy, brought to life by the really good vocals, meaningful writing, firm guitar work and a broad rhythm.


Similarly to their aforementioned roster buddies Layaway, alternative hip hop pair Hessian Renegade have been really finding a stride across 2019. Their Oral Spiel EP was dead good, and this brand new track is even better. In fact, this might be one of the best I’ve heard this entire year…no joke.

Conor’s bars are glorious, Ross’ hammering composition is fiercely intense, the politically-charged words belted out are resounding, the chorus is insanely, skull-ingraining contagious, and the scattered hooks and barks help add up to a total f***ing paragon.

HOLLY FITZGERALD – Weight Of The World

In the space of 2 years, Holly has slowly but surely built herself up as one of Birmingham’s most promising prospects, and here she is again with another great song in her artillery.

Beginning in a simple acoustic fashion, the track gradually slips into a sweet and melodic ditty driven by Holly’s mild and tender harmonies and pleasant chords, moving back and forth between the two styles at regular intervals.

Bring the lyrics into account on top of those elements, and you have what is perhaps her most pure and heart-warming piece to date.

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor



John Edge is gaining prominence as one of the go-to folk musicians in Edinburgh’s neck of the woods, and it’s excellent songs like this forthcoming single which cement that belief.

A forcibly engaging track where John pulls you in with his earnest voice, and for 5 minutes straight, he keeps you locked in and intently focusing on his deep, intensely emotional words, while also treating you to a nice, interchanging melody featuring smooth acoustics, a very subtle bassline and an easy-going beat.

DICTATOR – Anthem For A Doomed Youth

Still relatively fresh on the Scottish scene – and completely new faces to myself – the West Lothian quartet do well showcasing what they are made of with this great debut single.

Moving along with this appealing groove, the track entertains with solid singing, light fresh chords, a pretty good beat and a cool synth-infused melody.


After being given a nice first impression with their Fluffy Unicorns United EP earlier this year, the London alt-grunge trio are back with a brand spanking new tune.

The rawest of intros gives way to fuzzy riffs, thick bass chords, jutting snappy snares shots and cymbal crashes, heavy drops and the most enticing of choruses.

BEN SHAW – Sisters

Emerging fresh out of London, Ben makes an astounding impression with a well-crafted tune in both the instrumental and writing sense, the latter hitting an emotional vein through the artist’s devout singing that is elevated to another level in the strong chorus.

THE WILD PLACES – Crime Of The Century

A couple of years after putting out their debut EP, the Glasgow rock trio are finally back with a bouncing track that infectiously bounds along with this rollicking energy and entertains with sweet guitars, a catchy grooving rhythm to sway about to and a solid chorus tying it all together.

Image preview

STOCK MANAGER – Are We Just A Moment In Infinity


This self-proclaimed VHSrock trio from Glasgow have not been around the block that long at all, but they have damn sure grabbed the attention of many quickly, and their next offering will certainly continue that momentum.

As expected, the track evokes vibes of time gone by, and that comes courtesy of these pleasingly distorted, fuzz-loaded riffs mixed with a thick, grungy bass/drum combo and the great vocal work.

The ongoing melody is a pretty catchy one, and the writing is also effective in grabbing the listener’s attention.

ETAPE – Human Touch


While not a lot of info has been given to me regarding this Edinburgh outfit, this forthcoming single has done more than enough to satisfy my curiosity.

A radiant pop-rock tune with the liveliest of melodies pushing it forth, boosted by some hearty singing, cool riffs, a nice beat, glittery synths, ear-catching lyrics and a doozy of a chorus at the centre of it all.


Formerly under the guise of Big Fish Radio, this Germany-based would eventually opt to go by his own name as his content grew more personal, and this song is a good example of that.

While a little rough in spots production-wise, this is nonetheless an engaging tune where Dominik manages to capture attention with very little, mostly his solid vocal work and particularly his true-to-life lyrics, and the second half adds a cool drum beat in for extra measure.



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