Mega Bog – The Hug & Pint (12.11.19) | SMALL GIG TRIPS


After a strenuous hour long delay following doors, it was time for local folk ensemble Fairfollies to kick off proceedings; the second time I’d be seeing them live following a support slot with Mt Doubt at King Tuts this past summer.

They made another great impression here, serenading with these pleasant melodic pieces with an appealing Celtic vibe to them, especially sparked by the great fiddle work, often light piano keys and the blend of warm, crystal crisp harmonies.

But there was more to it than that, with the rhythm combo being in tight form and catching my attention with slickly plucked bass chords and flexible drum beats, and the rugged rawness of the guitar gave their sound a bit of an alternative edge that has them sticking out compared to other fellow acts on the scene.

It’s those elements that earn them a solid humble recommendation from yours truly, and closing out stylishly with Rituals, they efficiently set the mood for the remainder of the night.

They can also confirm that moving to London is, in fact, sh*te, and no residents of Granton were in attendance to be offended.



For what would be the 4th time, I would be within the presence of the fabulous Heir Of The Cursed, in the exact same venue as previously, funnily enough, and just like then, she requested the disco ball to be illuminated (thank you, Ross!).

As usual with Beldina, sporting dazzling leopard spotted trousers and shoes on this occasion, she treated an audience majorly comprised of newcomers to a selection of enthralling songs rich in this purely magical atmosphere fused from spine-chilling vocals, sublime radiant chords and beautifully impactful lyrics

She would be joined by new buddy Daniel behind the kit, and in his live debut, he added an extra layer to the content with a mixture of stinging cymbal scrapes, ringing tolls and subtle thumping tom shots.

Highlights included The Vessel and Evergreen, with her finishing with what would normally be a wonderful song, Hold The Mirror, but as a small group in the audience yapped away and began to get on everybody’s nerves, Beldina suddenly and spectacularly mutated it into a scathing profanity-littered rebuttal that gloriously shut them up (and down), much to the other attendees’ delight.

Delivering a stunning performance intertwined with class banter (“astrology is really good when you can’t afford therapy”) and a no-nonsense attitude, is it any wonder she made The List Hot 100?

And now for the headliner, Mega Bog. Admittedly, my knowledge of the mysterious Seattle native was vague, but the little taste I had gotten leading up to the gig was positive, and thus I didn’t want to spoil the surprise.

The one aspect that really stuck out about her music is that it didn’t follow any recurring pattern; literally every track went in a different direction. It was so broad and so unpredictably diverse that it would keep you on your toes, curious as to what would come next.

Erin really brought forth that off-kilter essence in her fascinating singing, her notes and pitch scattered across the board, flipping around at random junctures, but effective no matter which style she directed towards.

Complementing this was her stage presence, where she often appeared to be in her own little world, her eyes frequently wandering to survey the scene, casually strumming her guitar as she went. In fact, there was a moment where she unexpectedly paused and had “lost it” due to oat-milk reasons, but because of the established vibe and how she brushed it off, it strangely left no negative effect.

Her accompanying entourage were strong and truly contributed to the songs, expanding them with neat radiant synths, exquisite basslines that rumbled through the amps, gracious wind chimes and spiffy jazzy drumming.

The outfit were weird, a little peculiar, Erin survived a brief ordeal with unspecified “wet hot stuff” hitting her in the face, but overall a damn fine and engaging set that left a smile on the face.


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