SMS | STADIUM* – Some People Are Inconvenient


STADIUM* is a name that has been cropping around my feeds quite often as of late, before the Glaswegian rock trio found their way into my inbox with their debut EP handy – Some People Are Inconvenient – so what better time than now to give them some attention.

Voodoo treats us to a cracking drum intro to kick things off, and once they let loose, we get a lot of energy coming through the brisk riffs. A Moment Of Clarity unfortunately falls a little on the weaker side though, not offering much to latch on to

But they recover with the short and sharp Bonesaw, where the rhythm packs way more of a considerable punch, and finally we get Safe Space, which serves as a pretty strong finale with it’s sleek melody, nice chords and indisputably the best, most mature writing of the lot.

So while there is noticeable hitches and the mixing could have been better, the band’s first record is a solid result nonetheless, where the good stuff outweighs the negatives and shows off the potential that this outfit possibly muster.

***OUT NOW***

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