SMS | DREAMHOUSE – Reverberating Silence


Out of all the bands hailing from the other side of the Atlantic that I’ve had the pleasure of discovering recently, Milwaukee alternative rock quartet DREAMHOUSE have stood out to be one of the most promising of the lot, and this stems from their freshly released debut album – Reverberating Silence.

From bell to bell, the record is loaded with these larger than life tracks that have heaps of energy riding behind them to invigorate the senses.

Taking lead is frontwoman Brianna who comes equipped with a tremendous voice that is sweeping with pure passion, and when at full strength, she adds a considerable size to each of the already hefty songs. Elsewhere, Derek’s riffs are pretty good and contribute to the stimulating melodies, while Jared and Michael produce these thumping, pack-a-punch rhythms on the bass and kit.

If there was one element holding them back, however, it would be that the majority of the numbers are quite formulaic, with the four doing very little on the surface to mix things up, and it’s not until the last couple of pieces that they take a visibly different direction and finally provide something more fresh before it starts wearing thin.

But with that said, what does carry them through are the next-level performances in their respective areas, as a result treating us to enjoyably memorable bangers such as Losing Myself, Tie Me Down and Closer To Comfort that can be spun time and time again without getting old.

So despite a couple of drawbacks, Dreamhouse have made a substantial effort to produce a great record that is consistently running at an exciting scale which is so infectious and able to hook in new fans real easily.

As touched upon in the intro, I really do feel this group hold a tonne of potential, as demonstrated in what they bring to the table here, and if able to dig down and broaden their horizons sound-wise, you can bet on this outfit climbing the charts and playing to bigger audiences in the near future.

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