SMS | DETOXI – First Flesh


The post punk genre has been real healthy over the last couple of years, with multiple acts around my neck of the woods such as The Ninth Wave, Walt Disco and Gravelle making a stamp in one form or another as of late, so when presented with Californian band DETOXI and their brand new album First Flesh, I was happy to oblige and was definitely not let down.

Within moments of Grey Lines kicking off, that’s me hooked, and one aspect instantly standing out is Derek’s vocals. The man boasts an excellent voice that is sharp and has you forced into hearing and hanging onto every word he spouts out.

Defining the general sound is a combination of cracking riffs, ringing bass chords, great drumming and awesome keys that help to produce these superb, blistering rhythms that, at the majority of the time, charge through at an insane pace, resulting in a batch of wild, breath-sapping thrillers such as Modus Operandi, Crooked Smile, Nonsense and the immensely catchy lead single Death Of A Nation.

But as if the music wasn’t enough, they take it to yet another level with resolute writing, where they are not afraid to speak their minds on the current social climate, their observations usually serving as a perfect reflection to ongoing situations in the country; cases in point: Cult Culture, Shape Shifter and Black Square, to name a few.

First Flesh is a masterwork; a frantic, unyielding blitz that refuses to simmer down at any given moment, instead opting to grab the listener and take them on a ride that is joyously crazy yet isn’t without a fair share of substance, filling the brain with some meaningful, poignant content along the way.

***OUT NOW***


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