SMS | CLOTH – Cloth


Last year, Huw Stephens claimed Glaswegian group CLOTH to be ones to watch in 2019, and having been given the opportunity to check out their upcoming self-titled debut album for myself, he has proven to be a man of quality taste who can see obvious talent.

The opening instrumental Other impeccably sets the mood, before forthcoming new single Felt follows up on it and makes a fierce impact with so little; the minimal instruments and brief vocal segments sending chills all over.

As they progress, we see the trio’s sound becomes more involved and fleshed out, and what we get is a style mixing mild-tempo, toe-tapping rock with a fluorescent atmosphere, as a result being able to provide tracks either cool and catchy or pure eloquent and dreamy; often with more focus on one side of the field than the other, especially the latter, but they can capably tackle both at once where required; noteworthy highlights including Demo Love, the gorgeous Curiosity Door and the goosebump-spawning Tripp.

The three do a well done job keeping me thoroughly hooked, accomplished via a slew of ways, the first being the good writing that has a magnetic touch to it, displayed most noticeably in the likes of Sleep and Taxi.

The other important key element is the strong performances from the members themselves, bringing forth sweet tender guitars, faint bass notes, steady drum beats and, as hinted upon earlier, dazzling soft harmonies. But other qualities such as clicks, claps and electronic beats dotted about the songs are extra little touches that, while not necessarily needed, do help add to a greater whole.

Cloth have made a stamp with undeniably one of the most irresistibly beautiful experiences put onto a record this year; something maturely handled with care and delivered in a neat little package that will reach out and firmly grip anybody within listening distance, taking them on a splendid journey that will seemingly transport them into another state of mind entirely.



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