SMS | THE BAD BEES – The Time It Takes


Indie rock quartet THE BAD BEES have become quite a mainstay in the Philadelphia music scene, already boasting a couple of EPs under their belt, and they’re back to treat keen fans to even more of their music via their third record, The Time It Takes.

Immediately sticking out in the warm opening piece are the distinctly high-pitch harmonies, but it’s the lead single Always Restart where the group’s sound is expanded upon and truly comes to life, with the aforementioned voice being showcased in full, in the process pulling my attention to both the lyrics and the music as a whole. With guitar chords that are nice and easy-going while being carried by a light subtle rhythm, there’s just this pleasing, leisurely tone to the song, with layers being constantly added with each passing minute.

These tropes remain constant with Frog Song, which has more of a sweet bounce to it, particularly emphasised by the cool bass work on display, and it only gets catchier and more infectious as it hops along. The energy is punched up once more for the finishing number It’s All New, where the riffs and drum beats have an extra power to them and hooks are littered across the board, making for a pretty engaging conclusion overall.

As a newcomer, the quartet have done a fine job getting me invested, having provided a really satisfying collage of tracks that, while brief and often simple, sucks in the listener with a wholly embracing essence that clicks and draws them in through ways that cannot be fully explained, but give it a shot and you’ll find out for yourselves.

***OUT NOW***


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