SMS | FLYING PENGUINS – Bodies And Artefacts


It appears that Glasgow indie folk-pop outfit FLYING PENGUINS have mostly been keeping to themselves over the past year or so, and there’s a good reason for that: the creation of an EP by the name of Bodies And Artefacts, and they were so eager to unleash it to the world that they were kind enough to drop it earlier than planned.

The tender lead vocals are ridiculously warm and welcoming in Glacier, and mixed with the occasionally featured delicate backing harmonies, they are quite pleasing to the ears, while the addition of the flute and the fiddle provide a sublime Celtic dose. The solid Leave Of Absinthe has a enjoyable melody to it – definitively boosted by the great piano work – the writing catches on, and the song as a whole has this Fleetwood Mac essence about it.

The Fatalist is decent too, delivering some more joy courtesy of the string and woodwind section, but Manic Street truly stands out from the pack with a slow, engaging rhythm and a haunting atmospheric overtone which personally has me totally entranced, and they emerge from that in a smooth and steady fashion proceeding into the final number Marie, another purely magnetic piece that wraps up the record supremely well.

While some tracks certainly hit the mark better than others, this is nonetheless a charming little result we’ve got here where I’m easily convinced that each of the members made an equally substantial effort to produce something worthwhile, plus the bridging of several genres will surely satisfy a broad range of newcomers lucky enough to come across this.

***OUT NOW***

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