A couple of key things quickly drew my attention to Dundee duo QUEEQUEG’S COFFIN when I involuntarily came across them online. One was their name, but more importantly, the second was their sound, which is apparently hard to pinpoint.

The band label themselves as “electro fuzz rock”, whilst Make-That-A-Take Records’ description was “goth-soul dance punks”. Both considerably different, but either way, my heightened curiosity led me to their recently released Daddy EP, which proved to be something awfully good.

The title number is the perfect example of how to start off a record in bloody superb fashion, being an addictive track that quickly establishes an energy and entertains with a damn fine distorted rhythm, tenacious vocals and a catchy as hell chorus.

While not quite reaching the same hefty standard here, there’s still plenty to love about the remaining songs. For example, These Clouds goes at a steadier pace, tagging along with a cool beat before unleashing into more aggressive tones elevated by the raw, intense basslines.

They charge full steam ahead with Poltergeist, belting up the tempo to a wild degree whilst showering down with the hookiest of lyrics, soon returning to a leisurely pace for the amusingly titled G’beh, once again drawing you in with the sincerely delivered writing and a great melody.

A cracking debut effort from a pair who efficiently display their musicianship through a set of vivid, diverse numbers that make a stamp in one way or another, leaving a positive impression in no time flat. Cannot recommend enough.

***OUT NOW***

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