SMS | TINY MURDER – Problem Patterns


It was a year ago this month that my buddy Kyle from GRAVELLE introduced me to a lovely lady by the name of Lisanne Jacob, aka TINY MURDER.

Earlier this year, the Glasgow-based Galway lass embarked on a Kickstarter campaign to fund her debut record, which proved to be quite the success. The final result, an EP titled Problem Patterns, was dropped from out of the blue very recently, and it turns out that my money had contributed towards a worthwhile cause, because this is absolutely stunning.

Sign Of A Storm greets us with some poppy keyboard notes, and as it unravels, it grows in scale, eventually transforming into something harsher and harder-hitting. A solid opener, but she’s only getting started. Dead Romantic quickly makes an impression, sucking in and encapsulating the listener with this gorgeous, dark electronica sound that sparks a fiercely chilling atmosphere.

Things only get better as she delivers a similarly magnetic experience with Wolf, featuring a cool wee drum beat and a memorable chorus littered with, fittingly enough, delicate howls. She tones it down again for Daisy Chain, where the lush melodies and beautiful vocals create this dense, haunting effect that has you rooted to the spot, soaking in the surrounding elements with each passing second, leaving goosebumps all over in the process.

Lisanne goes in a more upbeat direction with the title track, a delightfully catchy song that is easily to bob your head to, and the great lyrics won’t take long to make a permanent mark in the brain with just how infectious they are, and a breath is barely wasted as she dives head first into the closing number, Yellow Label, which raises the bar further with a glamorous high-octane energy that could fill any dance floor, capping off the record in intoxicating fashion.

Well, well, I was certainly expecting good things here, but Lisanne has went above and beyond to produce an utterly strong EP which is enchanting from start to finish, leading the audience on this magical journey that is really diverse and chock-full of provoking content which couldn’t possibly fail to make an impact on any sensible living, breathing soul.

***OUT NOW***

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