Tirade 1

TIRADE – Nothing Dramatic


It was back in 2016 that we became enamoured with Manchester rock quartet Tirade after they launched their self-titled debut and impressed us with a mixture of their talents and Press To Meco-inspired antics.

We finally got the opportunity to see them live at The Hug And Pint recently, where they only went up in our estimations, and if that wasn’t dandy enough, we’ve now been given the chance to experience their long-awaited follow-up EP – Nothing Dramatic – and the results are pretty smashing, to say the least.

The boys burst the door down firing on all cylinders as they kick off with the thrilling, turbulent title number, and things remain as such in No Time, where the lyrics begin to make their presence felt and quickly leave an imprint, being carried through Jake’s strong lead vocals and the top notch backing harmonies which blend up damn near perfectly.

These qualities ring even more true in what is hands down the stand out track of the record, the catchy To Be Honest, while the sweet riffs go in a rawer direction in Burned Out and pack an extra thump to them as a result, and they continue down that path as they charge through the heavy, storming finale, Well Spent, personified by a sturdy rhythm and a pseudo-breakdown of sorts in the middle.

There’s very little in the way of wasted measure here; as soon as one song ends and the listener is at a buzzing high, they swoop in to take advantage and hook their attention onto the next equally engaging banger. The sound also evolves as it goes along, making it feel like a complete experience with a natural progression, and not just a case of five pieces being unevenly spliced together.

We are beyond happy that Tirade have turned in a superb second effort, and in terms of excitement, these four have clearly established themselves as a group trusted to deliver it at a significant standard, and we can only hope this translates into a well-deserved rise towards greater heights.



THE VANITIESWell It’s Not My Fault If You Think I’m Uncultured

***OUT NOW!***

Modern punk is taking over Scotland right now, and with a plethora of outstanding groups like Baby Strange, Rascalton and The Dunts floating around, that doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

Recently, we discovered another cracking act to add to the pile: The Vanities, and the Glasgow four-piece last month put out what is honestly a serious candidate for our Scottish EP of 2019 – Well It’s Not My Fault If You Think I’m Uncultured.

Within seconds, they have us instantly hooked and already buzzing as they go charging at a blazing tempo through 38’s, piercingly belting out the vocals along the way, and they keep that high velocity energy pumping along moving into Gang Culture, now taking the time to display some superbly snappy writing while treating us to a doozy of a catchy chorus.

The pace is booted up even further for the short yet immensely dynamic Scumbug, loaded with great riffs, an off the chart drum beat and even some tidy harmonicas as a cheeky bonus. They choose to calm things down a wee bit for the last of the lot, Smash N Grab, again displaying their lyrical knacks, but being The Vanities, it doesn’t take long for them to rise up again to provide a bouncing climax.

The foot is never off the pedal in this gloriously raw and mental ride which has quickly validated the four as a quintessential act within the local scene, and one that could potentially could go very far, if given the chance.


MIYNTStay On Your Mind

 ***OUT NOW!***

Without a doubt, one of our favourite discoveries to emerge from mainland Europe this year has to be MIYNT from Stockholm, who has been making considerable waves as of late, all in the lead up to the release of her brand new EP – Stay On Your Mind.

After The Rebel serves as an enticing harp-led intro, ICloud proves to be a perfect introductory course for newcomers, being a dazzling lo-fi piece featuring these pure, sublime harmonies, warm bass tones and a memorable chorus.

From there, we are treated to a line of other engaging songs such as the exuberantly easy-going Peaches, the equally catchy and spine-tingling Lucy In Disguise, and the definitive highlight, The Idiot; the main factor in that being a serene, utterly addictive hook, made all the better by, again, the amazing vocals.

Delivering one last dose of divinity with the closing title track, this is easily one of the most transcendent alternative pop records to crop up in recent memory, owed to material that is soaked in a gorgeous ambience, further driven by the artist’s fine performances and lyrical work.



ST DUKESStranger By The Day

***OUT NOW!***

In 2014, Glasgow ensemble St Dukes burst onto the scene and were quick to make a big impression, truly cementing her arrival a few years later with the release of their debut EP. Things had been quiet in the camp over the last number of months, but they’ve emerged from the studio with another record at last – Stranger By The Day.

Alibi starts off easy-going with a light, at times almost folk rock tone, where the guitars are quite nice, and they keep that cool tepid pace flowing, before suddenly switching gears for a heavier, passion-loaded finish.

Now that a groove has been established, they remain in that excitable mood with the highlight of the trio, Hug N Pint, which is catchy, has a chipper energetic melody and good writing to boot. They freshen things up a little for the last of the bunch, They Said, letting Sarah take lead on the mic with her charming vocals for what is another solid, smooth track.

Being a long-awaited follow-up, we expected the quartet to improve things, and they have done exactly that here. At the risk of coming off as greedy, we would have wished for something a little longer, but as is, it’s a short but satisfying, top-notch bundle that tides us over regardless.


HIGHWAY 491These Places, In This City

***OUT NOW!***

Breaking out from the sea of multiple blues rock groups that span Scotland are the Glasgow quartet Highway 491, who caught our attention with their debut album – These Places, In This City.

This is chocked to the brim with a series of neat numbers, the majority of which are defined by some deliciously cool rhythms assembled from good basslines and nice drumming, radically satisfying guitar licks and great vocals.

Admittedly, a chunk of the tunes do fall towards the generic side, not bringing much in the way of anything new, but the guys more than than make up for that with a selection of cracking highlights that are spread throughout.

The Record and Crime & Punishment shine with memorable choruses, the pairing of Boom Boom and Smokestack Lightnin’ are pure catchy and elevated by some top notch harmonica work, and the 7-minute 3rd Time Lucky is a delightful belter with an old school feel that evolves over the longer duration.

So despite the more standard additions, there’s nothing that springs to mind that comes close to unlikable, with plenty of quality material on offer here to earn a recommendation from us, and long-time fans of the genre are sure as hell going to get a kick out of this compilation anyway, regardless of what we say.

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