Jessica Lynn – The Ice Box (11.8.19) | SMALL GIG TRIPS


Before Jessica Lynn would grace us with her presence, we would be treated to a pair of familiar local supports, the first of whom was 17 year old Jordan Stewart.

While she was openly nervous when chatting to the folk, obvious from her fast speech and tripping over words, fortunately that shakiness went right out the window whenever she performed, and she did so well. Even when she slipped and forgot a line, she played it cool and recovered with no bother at all.

Most of her material was simple musically, but it was boosted by a real sense of maturity and honesty writing-wise. X Ray Vision was a big highlight for us, Sisters carried a resonant theme, and other slower pieces such as Lead Me Back To You were actually quite magnetic.

We were hooked, and clearly the rest of the audience were too. Despite most being total strangers, they were respectful and gave Jordan their utmost attention. Overall, she pulled through and personally impressed us, getting the show off to a positive start in the process.

Up second was our old friend Colin Bell, aka Fallen Arches, who offered something different to Jordan, with most of his tunes being full of life and driven by these engaging acoustic melodies. He was fiercely passionate in his performing, with his singing loud and heartfelt, and his frenzied strumming a pure blur.

His music featured a range of lyrical content, spanning enduring a loved ones’ major health incident, getting his head kicked in and, in his words, humping…obviously that’s Colin putting it bluntly, they were usually a lot more emotional when how they were described.

Okay granted, there was the upfront D***head, where the crowd were invited to chime in, and they did exactly that, which involved us blindly swearing as none other than Jessica Lynn was stood right beside us…talk about a Glaswegian welcome.

On that note, the people were having a blast, listening intently while he played, sharing a cheery laugh over his dark, often morbid quips, and even clapping along to Footprints.

It was, in many respects, a beautiful train wreck, but in all seriousness, he did a banging job, entertaining those in attendance while turning up the dial within the room and igniting a newfound buzz as soon as he was done and over with.

And now for the hotly anticipated main event – Jessica Lynn, of course.

From the get-go, she was super appreciative of the support, and it didn’t take long whatsoever for her to get a party going, as she and the crew fired through one delightful song after another, with very little room to catch our breath, instead opting to keep that excitement roaring at a constant high.

We can’t recall the last time that we’ve witnessed a musician bring such a charming, infectious enthusiasm anywhere close to the standard Jessica had throughout essentially the entire set. She was all smiles and put bucketloads of legitimate effort into everything she did, especially in the singing, and because of that, the audience would linger onto every word, and in turn admire the lyrics.

The rest of her entourage were excellent as well; whether it’d be the suave Steven, Momma Victoria & Poppa Peter, the sharply dressed Brian or the immortal legend Grandpa Bob; and they served to elevate the tracks to a higher degree. Their chemistry was clearly tight-knit, but being a family affair, that comes as expected.

She was an energised ball of fire and regularly egging the attendees on, encouraging them to get involved as much as possible, and that was accomplished with ease. In fact, proceeding towards the end, the volume of those on their feet and dancing just grew and grew. It was simply a blast to watch, and the atmosphere in the venue was purely electric, only being amped up with each track that was dished out.

It was a totally tremendous performance that brought an arena sized spectacle to an intimate setting and firmly validated that Jessica has earned every single ounce of success attained over in America. It’s no wonder she has become a rising sensation, and her music deserves to be taken to a global level.

But it goes beyond the music. Sharing a conversation with Jessica, we found her to be one of the most down-to-earth human beings that we’ve ever met, and as a matter of fact, that sentiment can be said about the whole group.

Working for nearly a decade around the underground music scene, there are undoubtedly a lot of lovely folk, but we have dealt with handfuls of bad seeds with less than pleasant attitudes who endlessly ride on their egos, so when a superstar like Jessica, with the major status that she holds, came forth and proved herself an absolute humble soul, that honestly made our heart soar, and we left very happy with a lot more faith in what we were fighting for.

The moral of the story: we all need more Jessica Lynn’s in our lives.

(Also, Jason is the cutest wee person according to Victoria, and he will proudly wear that badge with honour for as long as he lives.)

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