Carly Connor – The Goldie Hawn Stole My Guitar | SMALL RECORD REVIEWS


In late 2017, we had the opportunity to witness Easterhouse lass Carly Connor live in person at King Tuts. Name aside, we hadn’t been too familiar with what she had to offer, but on that night, she effortlessly made a mark and has kept us fans ever since.

Fast forward a couple of years, following a line of unsurprising further successes, she is back in full form with her highly anticipated new EP – The Goldie Hawn Stole My Guitar.

Within seconds of the cool title track kicking things off, we are immediately reminded as to what had initially drawn us to Carly, as she shines with an impeccably dazzling voice that is equally sweet as it is raspy, with a tone that is ravishing, yet also featuring a sharp sense of attitude that has you hooked.

Carabelle is where things really pick up, being an exciting, energetic doozy of a number; so big in size, featuring an immensely catchy beat and the vocals reaching an outstanding peak.

Semolina And Cyanide is a little more simple, toning it down from the previous tracks, but still pleases with awfully fine acoustics and gripping lyrics, and that also rings true for the heart-warming closing piece Greenock Hotel, which is ripe with waves of emotion.

With more or less all aspects delivering at a good standard bare minimum, plus plenty of distinction between each of the songs, this is an enchanting record that nicely mixes the sounds of country, pop and soul and leaves an impression in the short duration that it lasts, also making for a perfect introductory package to those out of the loop of her talents.

Carly Connor has a definitive star quality to her; a real-life Wild Rose as it were…well, minus the criminal conviction, obviously. Although she’s been on the go for several years, we still feel she has only scratched the surface for what she is truly capable of, and the next logical step would be for her to treat us to a full-length album, but we’ll wait and see.

***OUT NOW***

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