SMS #5 | Loaded Gun



Achieving widespread acclaim from critics, hitting bullseyes with their line of singles and earning spots on an array of luxurious shows – whether as headliners or supports – Liverpool quartet Little Triggers have, needless to say, been touted as one of the country’s ultimate up and coming acts.

But with a hype to that kind of degree, that only makes for sky-high expectations when it comes to their anticipated debut album – Loaded Gun – but the guys have pulled it out the bag and given us one doozy of a record.

That fact is certified as they hook us in a snap with Giving Me Up, a frenzied blinder of an opener, stuffed to the brim with streaks of supreme riffs, setting a tone that is perfectly maintained in the short but equally exciting I’m Alright.

They take somewhat of a breather in Fosnavag, where we are able to appreciate just how fantastic the harmonies are, before returning to an energetic cadence in So Fine, topped off by a catchy chorus and stylish drumming.

They break through with some more of that engaging writing in Girl, Silly Cigarettes and the blues-esque, bass-ushered title track, but they make a return to staggering form with It Ain’t Over, powered by a bouncy rhythm that goes haywire towards the end, and that zest stays constant as they wrap up nicely with the pairing of Run Away Baby and I’m Not The Same.

There have been very few times where we’ve been blown away by an album this year, and this is one of them. From top to bottom, Little Triggers have crafted a phenomenal set of blistering, exhilarating tunes where more or less all aspects, both creatively and technically, leave an astounding impression, easily making this one of 2019’s best that had us unashamedly mouthing “f***ing hell” quite often.

Purveyors of the new rock n roll, indeed.

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TV COMABody Negativity

Perhaps the only musicians to ever be inspired by Mark Jindrak, Saint Albans quartet TV COMA came presented to us via their debut EP – Body Negativity – and to be honest, we didn’t know what to expect, but what we did get was real dandy.

Have A Party gets things running, and after being greeted by an ensemble of kazoos, we are instantly latched by the oddball lyrics voiced in a dismal, morbidly funny fashion and suckered in further by the awesome chorus, and it only gets bigger in size as it proceeds.

They continue with Digital Girl 1, more traditional sound-wise but simultaneously stepping up the tempo and the energy from the get-go, while showing off some flashy riffs; likewise in Trudy, with the most infectious of hooks serving as a delightful bonus.

The aggressive-toned Unemployable is another major highlight when it comes to the writing, as is the ballistic, catchy as hell Football Song, flooring the rhythm to maniacal levels, and they remain in a similar vein as they finish with the rambunctious Grow Up.

This sure is something else, let us tell you. Batty performances, nihilistic writing and an unstable verve are the key ingredients to what is an utterly entertaining EP packing a tonne of personality behind it to a degree that we think few others in the scene could possibly match. More acts like this, please!

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Being a connoisseur of some good old-fashioned rock and metal, it’s impossible to turn away a band described as “death & roll”. Those very words define Swedish outfit Jesus Chrusler Supercar, who recently came out with their third album – Lucifer.

A creeping intro transforms into a shredding of chords before they kick off and lunge into the heaving titular opener, and the energy and the power are equally amped up tenfold in the barbaric Flesh N Bones, packing some gruff vocals and freaking off-the-wall guitar solos.

 The throbbing drum work is given more focus in Never Sleep Again, while the writing and thick bass tones get the attention in the steep-tempo’d High Times For Low Crimes. Boogeyman is gloriously murky and distorted, while the charmingly titled Suck On My Balls is another relentless banger with the most proudly sung of hooks.

They continue to plow through the likes of Out Of My Head, From Death To Dawn and Straight To Hell but, although good and maintaining that sense of aggression , this is where that hot steam from the start begins to slip a little as it leans more into the repetitive side of things. However, they begin to recover with the more memorable You Can’t Spell Diesel Without Die, before taking us into the hefty climatic number Black Blood.

As our personal introduction to this group, their latest album does exactly what it promises on the tin as they deliver a stormer of a record, where throughout it almost feels like the tracks are being violently shoved down our throats, and in this case, we’re sure as hell happy to oblige here.

Not perfect by any stretch, but any minuscule flaws do little to derive from what is overall a cracking product.

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So recently, our pals over at Lockjaw Records approached us with something that they had fallen in love with – Glow, the new EP from London punks Triple Sundae – and having experienced it for ourselves, we have also fallen in love with it.

From the offset, Pollution pulls us in with tremendous, hard-hitting writing that immediately resonates and has us intently intrigued from this point forward; our interest becoming pure delight courtesy of Swisher, as they step up the energy, while also spouting more heartfelt, brutally honest lyrics. Dazed is a little more simple in style, but is elevated by investing vocal hooks.

A tantalising spark is ignited as they charge through Everything’s Cool, complete with rip-roaring guitar chords and bonafide singing. Glow itself treats us to a dynamic rhythm, while Safe provides a striking conclusion that is awash with full-on, sincere emotions.

We are eternally grateful for the Lockjaw folk here, because they’ve introduced us to a seriously talented outfit who have put out a prime candidate for best British punk record of the year. No exaggeration.

While many recently have made a big impact, this connected with us on a completely different level personally, and for a humble upcoming band of their size to achieve that, you know you’ve made a special discovery.



OHNOVAI Can’t Sleep

Glasgow is overloaded with an abundance of cool rock bands that we quite like, but it doesn’t hurt to have yet another added to that list. Enter the trio of OHNOVA, and their recent debut EP – I Can’t Sleep.

The tingling of bass chords sweeps into the hard-edged title number, getting things off to a promising start as Paul takes lead with good vocal work, and the chorus is pretty smashing as well. They step up the ante in Heavy Smile, furnished by a fine guitar solo, and they definitely pick up the pace as they make their way towards the finish.

 Home starts off on a standard note, but the drumming keeps in solid form and they suddenly escalate into a no holds barred latter half. Banjo Mac is a catchy, dynamic tune with notable writing and each of the three members going all in, and they crank up the dial one last time for the fervent high-octane banger Easy Way Out.

While not every song reaches their full potential, the ones that do hit the mark make this record worth checking out and even revisiting a few more times afterwards.

Great stuff overall, and hopefully the guys will be able to expand upon their sound and bring us something even sweeter for the follow-up.

***OUT NOW***

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