#29 | Be Charlotte – The Attic (16.05.19)


EMIAH was a name completely new to ourselves, so there were no expectations to have from her beforehand, although a place on this particularly bill was a good sign.

Plenty of highlights stuck out from her set; Lovin’ Me shining with vibes of positivity, More Love had such a sweet pulse to it, and Adios Amigo honestly wouldn’t be out of place as a dance anthem heard in any club, featuring a chorus so damn catchy it still lingered in our heads the next morning…we’re not joking.

Emiah herself was kind and appreciative to those attending and, on stage she showcased a great voice and nice style, although we feel she was holding back a touch and not fully loosening herself, but that may be owed to nerves; nothing major that hurt her performance anyway.

Stuart served as the ideal wingman, with a smooth showing on the keys and giving us some excellently produced pieces with infectious beats to them.

A satisfying way to start off the night, and we believe Emiah is only going to grow and improve over time because she definitely has something to offer.

Megan D was next, another act we can admit to not having listened to prior, but we did know folk who were well aware of her, and based on their opinions, she came highly recommended.

There was a change in tone here with Megan being acoustic based, separating from her fellow, more traditional pop musicians, and in an instant, the noise in the venue died down as she began her first song.

A chillingly palpable atmosphere was sparked, as virtually everyone in the now teeming room stood in total hushed silence and listened real intently. A clear connection had been made that was never lost throughout.

As for Megan, she was all smiles and displayed a heartwarming, down to earth personality as she gave us stunning, emotionally ripe harmonies and played fluently on the guitar, while we – like the rest of the people – were rooted to the spot, unable to take our eyes off her and falling so hard in love with the writing which had us fiercely consumed.

This was simply flawless. We do try our hardest to be objective and make note of any negative issues, but the fact of the matter is that we struggle to properly think of any; we were just enamoured by it all and this would have easily stolen the show elsewhere.

On a night centred around a certain Dundee lass, Megan made an astounding impact in her own right, and there’s no mistake that she warrants far more widespread recognition for her outstanding abilities.

A prime buzz was hanging in the air as we painfully waited a while for Be Charlotte to emerge, but eventually she made her entrance to a wave of cheers as she got the ball rolling with Hype.

Donning an utterly snazzy attire, she illuminated this unreal confidence and joyous spirit that had us gripped, asserting this vibrant, larger than life presence perfectly suited for the grander stages of arenas and major festivals.

Her voice was superb and on sturdy form from end to end, plus she was an insanely good dancer, particularly the robotic stuff; we weren’t aware that was a skill that she had mastered.

She already proved to be talented alone, but it was her band that truly elevated it to another degree; the team of Dan mixing in bright synths and top notch riffs, Kieran with tight bass lines, and Davie rattling out some awesome, walloping drumming; all the while, clicking with each other without any hassle.

As for the tunes themselves, Dreamers, Lights Off and especially Ego Wash were electric ballads with juicy melodies and bouncy rhythms highlighted by memorable choruses which had people happily moving and dancing about.

Fake Up and Never Gonna Grow were impressive on the lyrical front, the new single Brighter Without You was great, and of course the place went nuts and reacted in a rousing way for Do Not Disturb. Folk were also led on a singing session as they chimed along to the decent acoustic tune, Burning.

Overall, it was an entertaining, empathetic display from Charlotte, who only betters herself as the days go by, developing into a tremendous – and more importantly, legitimate – artist who, if it wasn’t clear by her successes as of late, is destined for bigger things.

It would be unfair otherwise, because she is slaying every opportunity being presented to her, and it would be a safe bet that in a few years from now, those in attendance will be looking back on this night and bragging “I was there, I got to see her before she was famous”.

Be Charlotte is the future of Scottish music, and it’ll be any day now that she finally breaks into the national charts and rises to a level she belongs at.

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