#27 | Love Couple – The 13th Note (13.05.19)


The first act of the night were one that we weren’t meant to see for another month or so – Lemon Drink – but no harm in getting acquainted before Flying Moon 2019, and boy did we get something special.

Unfazed by the chattier, less respectful members of the crowd, they indulged us with a line of sublime indie pop numbers of all shapes and sizes, with a variety so broad that there was literally not one piece that sounded alike.

A Song For You, Ghosts and Mercury were gentler in tone, while Manic and Paper Heart booted up the tempo to an exciting level, and Pull Your House Down fell somewhere in the middle.

Leading ladies Sophie and Kirstie were naturally talented, showcasing tender riffs and delightful vocals, and they were accompanied by the tightest of supreme rhythm sections who were equally giving it 110%.

We were thoroughly impressed by the group, who just clicked with us in an instant and kept us hooked. For those who are attending Flying Moon but are unaware of what this lot have to offer, then you’re in for a treat.

Up next was one of the most talked about young acts around the local scene at the moment, Claire Doc, who we got the best of introductions to as a featured act at the King Tuts Sunday Song Club, where she completely caught us off guard, and seeing her again a few months on, not much was different. Nah, you know what, she was even better here. A hundred times better.

Her voice is something on another level. Her cords are clearly fueled by chemicals not of this world, because her harmonies blew everybody, whether friends or strangers, away with a massive volume and insane range that battered out of the speakers and rang through our ears.

Were there any nerves? Absolutely no idea. She radiated such an unreal confidence, even going as far as to berate the audience for being boring; in jest obviously…we think. In the same vein, she flaunted this very vivid, glamourous style heavily inspired by her legendary heroes, and utilised her guitar as the ultimate weapon, strumming the strings with all her strength and thumping it like a drum to the point of her hand bleeding.

This was immense. At only 16 years old, Claire is already at the forefront of the next generation in Scottish music, with all the tools to make her a rock and roll superstar with that cynical punk edge, blending raw talent and a ravishing character to such a scale that would have Simon Cowell chomping at the bit to sign her, but anyone with common sense will ensure that he is nowhere near her vicinity.

Truth be told, we didn’t listen to Love Couple prior to the show, but a mixture of faith and instinct suggested that they would be good, plus the hype from trusted sources helped in that.

It didn’t take long for the quartet to get us sucked in. Their material shone with this alluring radiance that was almost atmospheric in spots, and the melodies were for the most part pleasantly lucid and easygoing, but then they could suddenly switch it into something peppier and rocking a lot of energy to the point of getting us subtly shaking our hips, and sometimes they were even able to combine both stylings.

Each of the members brought something to the table, and together they worked as a solid, well-matched unit. The singer was in her own, mysterious other world as she displayed her lovely vocal talents, and she only came more out of her shell as they progressed. The drummer not only led the charge rhythm-wise with explosively catchy beats, but was just as capable on the mic, and their sound was finished off by good synths and neat basslines.

They didn’t mess about much, jumping from one song to another to keep the pace constantly flowing, although they did take a brief moment to acknowledge their hostel pals. Admittedly, there were stretches where we were starting to lose interest, but they would keep pulling us back in, and eventually they managed to win over and cement us as fans with the final pair of mental, off the wall tunes.

While not always perfect, the Dutch team did plenty to give us our money’s worth, and we honestly wouldn’t mind having them back here in Glasgow again.

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