Desensitised – Sister Psychosis | SMALL RECORD REVIEWS


Doing what we do, we naturally have to listen to a multitude of records on a weekly basis; a lot that are good, a lot on the weaker side and a few great ones.

But we’re always longing for those that come by and make an everlasting impact on us, and we’ve been blessed (for lack of a better, less-hyperbole term) to have been introduced to a fine example of this – Sister Psychosis, the debut full-length effort of Nottingham trio, Desensitised.

The album is front-loaded with a selection of immense, bombastic tracks that are formed courtesy of the three efficient performers. Charlotte, on top of handling bass duties, takes centre stage with some superb vocal work that is raw, broad-ranged and packing genuinely boundless emotion behind the singing that has you listening intently.

Libby is on fire with the guitar in her grasp, as she busts out these vigorous streaks of riff progressions that add to the excitement levels tenfold, while Claire helps to forcefully drive the thumping, high-octane rhythms with her potent drumming.

Not only is there a bountiful supply of awesome, hooking choruses on hand – the highlights in that area being Wasted and I See Red – but the writing is fantastic, and we find it impossible to not pay attention to the sharp content, with the likes of Emily and All Eyes On Her grabbing us with an unyielding grip.

And just as it feels like they might be going through the motions sound-wise and perhaps beginning to slip in terms of variety, they quickly turn that around before it becomes an issue with the final two songs – the phenomenal ballad-esque Burn The Witch and the low-tempo, lyrically strong He Loves Me Not – to close things out on an astonishing high.

We have to say a big kudos to the team on the production side of things, who helped elevate this record even further with a supreme standard of quality in the recording, mixing, mastering, basically everything. The folk in the background don’t often get enough credit for assisting in bringing people’s visions to life, especially to this degree, so we wanted to make sure that they know that their graft was so, so worth it.

Is there anything else that we can say that hasn’t already? Sister Psychosis is, to put it nice and tidily, a f***ing masterpiece that is near enough flawlessly executed, and for our money, Desensitised have what it takes to be the next big thing in British rock music.


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