#25 | Rolland Square – Bloc (19.02.19)


The alternative rock quartet Quotes Of The Dead are a group whose name have been in our sights for months on end and had kept missing out on for various reasons. But as we promised guitarist Brian back in December when we first met him, we would be down some day, and this was that day.

The four quickly fired through a batch of great tunes that had an energy to them, with the majority boasting really fine, often catchy choruses. They were each defined by Lauren’s good harmonies, Brian’s effects-laden riffs and smashing rhythms produced by the equally tight pairing of John and James.

Top picks that meshed these elements best included Control Alt DeletePainting Pictures and Filthy Dog, and the slower number Dancing Dolls was pretty likable too and made for a nice change of pace to throw into the mix.

Admittedly, they were a little still on spots and could have done more to let loose, but that’s small beans that can be developed and worked on anyway.

Regardless of that, they did manage to turn the heads of plenty of punters who were simply in for the drink. The talent is there, and we can easily recommend them to new listeners. They also happen to be proficient in the art of the dominant handshake.

Rolland Square were practically brand new to us, although we did get a taste of them beforehand via their demo on Soundcloud, and we fancied what we heard and knew we’d be in for something promising. The results lived up to expectations.

Within a verse or so, the boys had our attention with some excellent indie songs that had an infectious pep to them. The vocals were on continuously strong form, the guitar work was supremely good, the bass tones firm and the drum beats damn solid.

Along with enjoyable lyrics in their depository, the melodies had a grasp on us, and we caught ourselves tapping our foot along throughout, as demonstrated in the likes of Blackened HeartFall Apart and Ticket To Nowhere. They even attracted some loving cheers from some adoring fangirls who entered halfway in.

Granted, there were a couple of visibly shabby mistakes, but honestly it did little damage to what was otherwise a cracking set from a band who could potentially go far further down the road if given decent enough exposure.





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