#20 | The Faim – King Tuts (05.02.19)

the faim

4 years ago, a rock band from Italy named Halflives (formerly Over) came across from Europe to Glasgow for the first time, and we were made fans there and then. They would make their return in 2017, and now here they were again in 2019 opening up a successful tour. Not too shabby.

The four wasted little motion and battered straight into Mayday and Half Alive, in the process bringing a load of energy onto the stage. Linda was a great singer as always, and showed this positive enthusiasm through, getting involved with the people at front row as much as possible, while the boys turned in good efforts too while they bounced around so fervidly, playing other notably excellent tracks such as CrownLone Wolf and Fugitive.

There were a whole batch of new young faces for them to convert, who were unsure at first, but gradually they warmed up to them and got more hooked as the set moved along, peaking at what was a special moment where everybody illuminated the room with phone lights for Collide.

Finishing up with the emotionally riding Burn, which was greeted by the entire place getting down and leaping up in unison, it was a sweet triumph for Halflives as they won over the locals and proved why they are a promising band that can’t be passed by.

Chapel were the one act on the bill that we were completely blind to going on, so there wasn’t much in the way of expectations. They walked on to the classy as ever HWFG chants, and it didn’t take long for the duo to get folk invested again, with a lot of movement around us and woo’s echoing about.

Carter, who sure as hell liked blinding himself with his beanie, had a lot of free space up there and he made sure to use all of it, launching himself around without much of a care, all the while displaying heaps of confidence which definitely boosted his presence. In the background, Kortney kept up with these pounding drum beats added both meat and a catchiness to the jumping songs that they dished out.

Our main issue is that when Carter ditched the guitar for a majority of the numbers, relying solely on the drumming and the backing electronics, the sound was lacking and it left an empty feeling in places. However, they recovered towards the end when the guitar was brought back in and they gave us the smashing pair of Friends and We’ve Got Soul, the latter sparking a venue-wide clapping frenzy.

So they didn’t always click, but when it worked, it was solid stuff that still had a handful of good qualities to hold our attention from beginning to end. We might just check out their new record once it’s released, who knows?

If you want the honest truth, the real reason that we bought tickets to this show was to see Halflives again, but in the weeks leading up, we checked out The Faim’s latest EP and were convinced pretty swiftly, so we went in with some buzz.

The crowd were occupied with a playlist featuring Smash Mouth and Linkin Park before the guys eventually made their way on and got off to a blistering start that had people headbanging along, and that electricity didn’t simmer as they drove along.

Josh was a seriously charismatic frontman, and you could see in his face that he genuinely cared about every single little thing he was doing, with nothing farce about him at all as he gave 110%. His devotion evidently rubbed off on everybody as they followed each of his commands, whether that be to clap, sing along or jump, and boy, did they jump, considering how much the floor shook at our feet to a point where we could have sworn that we were all on the verge of falling right through down to the bar.

Sam’s riffs were great, Stephen shined with equally excellent basslines and synths, and the drumming from Linden had a dynamic punch to it. Most of the numbers in their arsenal were just brilliant, getting us engaged with charged melodies that reached boiling point at the catchy choruses, with such worthy examples being the new single Fire, the wild I Can Feel You and the intoxicating as f*** My Heart Needs To Breathe, all topped off with amazing hooks.

But the highlight by far had to be Where The River Runs, where Josh came out into the middle of the audience and gave such an emotional, heart-wrenching performance that was so gripping, obviously having an impact on the teary-eyed fans that surrounded him. A powerful moment.

Making their exit with much love and appreciation for the paying attendees, it was a stellar experience to be part of that not only lived up to the hype that the Aussies had established for themselves, but also showed just much of a special effect that one band and their music can make on people, providing a distraction from the negativity of their lives for even just a brief time, and that’s exactly what The Faim did on this very night.

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