#19 | Allusinlove – Broadcast (04.02.19)


We entered a little late and walked in on Black King Cobra in the midst of repairs and chipping teeth, but once the issues were settled, they continued and did a damn fine job.

Callum is a really good frontman with a confident presence about him and holstering a strong voice at his disposal. Ross managed to keep his instrument in stable enough condition to dish out some great riffs, and the rhythms had an engaging energy to them that had us in their grasp.

Plenty of folk were bobbing their heads along and liking what they were hearing – including Jason from Allusinlove, who was stood right beside us and digging it – and they responded with a “par 3” applause. Top picks from their selection included PyramidUndesirable and the high-octane as ever Quake, off their Law Of Attraction EP.

We’ve seen them in tighter shape in the past, but with that said and despite the technical faults, they turned out a rocking set that got the night rolling quite nicely, and we still believe they harness some serious potential. Highly recommended.

In 2017, Shredd emerged and made us fans. In 2018, they blew us away with one of the best Scottish EPs of the year, on top of a class showing at the SAMA’s, so naturally we were excited to see them again, and they didn’t disappoint.

Chris was wildly into it as he busted out with these blazing, distorted riffs, Mark looked cool and collected while displaying his superb skills and churning out satisfyingly crunchy, grungy bass chords, and Calum battered out these hard-hitting, resonating drum beats.

They never took their foot off the pedal at any moment the entire way through, making for a half hour of non-stop, concentrated insanity that was capped off with the immense pairing of In My Head and Cobra.

Add three purely talented blokes with a line-up of top notch material and you get a pulsing, dynamic performance that further cemented Shredd as one of the best acts hailing from North Lanarkshire. For those somehow blind to them, they cannot afford to go amiss. They’re just too bloody good, and are only going to get better and better.

It had been nearly 2 years since we last saw Allusinlove in Glasgow, when they packed out Nice N Sleazy and got a party started. Since then, they’ve changed their name and their image a touch, but still appeared to carry the same appeal. Did it translate onto the stage though? Oh, absolutely.

They called for the crowd to step forward, who answered by squeezing themselves in front of the boys. Immersed within showers of flashing lights, they provided a doozy of a live experience.

Jason, clinging onto his mic for deal life, was a quintessential frontman, being a great vocalist, showcasing loads of personality and making a connection with the people, going all in with an outstanding, passionate presence.

Andrey…oh man, what a superb guitarist. The dude just belted out these flashy awesome solos that blew the minds of those within close proximity of him. Jemal was animated and fluent on the bass, while Connor furnished the music with firm, resounding drumming.

The tunes from their recent EP were quality, particularly Bad Girls and All Good People, we liked the newer stuff, and they also resurrected certain old favourites which we may or may not be legally allowed to publicly divulge…

The audience on hand were loving every second of it; dancing, headbanging and clapping along. There were demands for mosh pits from one individual but to no avail, although we did ascend to the heavens so does that count?

As expected, another showstopper from the Leeds outfit in the city, with no doubt that they brought their A-game here, and we can only imagine that they will step it up even more as they continue their rise up and onwards.

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