#18 | “The Ice Box” Launch Night!


The very first act to be playing on the grand stage of the all-new Ice Box was Jeanice Lee and her band from Edinburgh, although none actually originate from the city, funnily enough.

They gave us a variety of pretty sweet rocking tunes which that this cool doom metal vibe to them and were strong on the riff side of things – completed by a few neat solos thrown in for good measure – and the rhythms were solid too.

Jeanice herself, on top of sporting a mesmirising voice, was a very lovely lady and grateful for the opportunity to be playing in Glasgow, given her past history with the city, but when duty called, she was totally focused and on the ball.

A sturdy performance to kick off the night, and we’ll certainly make an effort to grab her album once available to purchase.

After spending some quality time with Gonzo the dug, Garlands were next, who came into our radar late last year via their Golden Sounds EP, and we were happy for the chance to now see them on stage.

Their set comprised of tunes that had this engaging energy to them and were driven by entertainingly bouncy melodies; Wake Up ranking as the focal point for us. The vocals and guitars were skillful, the bass tones were firm and the drumming was just dynamic.

Even with a few tech issues, they kept their composure, rolled with the punches and didn’t miss a step, in turn putting on quite a fine display that was definitely worth seeing.

And finally was the entourage known as The Big Nowhere, who we came across as far back as 2015, and they were one of the very first bands we ever did a review for. It took us a whole 4 years to see them in the flesh, but the moment had arrived and it was a positive experience.

All the members were on top form and developed this multi-layered sound curated from great vocals, cool riffs and basslines, sublime trumpets, nice keys and charging, resonating drum beats.

The sea shanty crowd were hooked, as were we, and it was overall a superb set to cap off what was a successful launch for what is sure to be a tight new venue.

“They look raging!” – Chris Herron

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