Billy Taylor is a well-known and established face in the UK rock scene, most notably being part of Inglorious, but with his taste and outlook on the genre evolving with the times, he decided to break free and form a band that better reflected this ethos.

The result of that was DeeVer, who have been swiftly garnering a lot of buzz from the press, and they are carrying that through to the impending release of their much anticipated debut album – You Need This.

The entire ride is laced with an abundance of high-calibre anthems that are fueled by an explosive energy which is just so indescribably invigorating, getting the pulse racing over the verses before hitting an apex at the immense, catchy choruses, and this all stems from a massive sound pieced together from a quartet of tight performances.

Bill himself takes the lead and showcases just what an ace vocalist he is, with a real pitch and power behind his voice. Stevie exhibits his chops on the guitar with an electrifying display that is highlighted by some damn fine solos. Phil’s bass chords pop out and add an extra crunch, while mixing well with Higgy’s kinetic drumming.

It has to be said that the hype preceding Deever is beyond justified, and all the evidence can be seen in this album, which is an awesome, thrilling frenzy with minimal faults that provides the sweetest shock to the senses, burning with an intoxicating fire that has you utterly enveloped from beginning to end, leaving you feeling gutted when it’s over, and provoking the urge to go back and relive it countless times more.

It has that classic edge to it that will certainly draw in old-timers, but younger folk will surely get hooked too with the overall modern vein of it. Simply put, it appeals to listeners of all ages and creeds; just about anybody that fancies a good ol’ fashioned headbang.

You Need This is a masterpiece in the making, and we know it’s early days yet, given that it’s still practically the dawn of 2019, but we predict that this will be right up there as one of the most talked about underground British rock albums of the entire year, if not the next few years. Once you get to hear it for yourself, you’ll understand exactly why.


We Are, Only Enemy, All Come Running, Back Down, I Am The Cavalry


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