#8 | ST.MARTiiNS – King Tuts #KTNYR19


A night headlined by a pop duo also opened with one – Drift from Paisley – who were the only fresh new faces for this particular night, and we honestly had heard very little about them heading in; a fact that we regretted so badly coming out.

Linzi had such a luminous voice that was stunning and added so much to the aura that they established, plus it featured a wide pitch that swapped from low to high and vice versa at the flick of a dial.

Meanwhile, Andrew was multitasking like crazy, using guitars, keyboards, synths, electronics and who knows what other bits and bobs to produce melodic pieces, and doing so pretty effectively, and he even contributed some nice secondary harmonies.

The numbers were dark and dripping with ambience, and they had this undeniably magnetic pull to them, evident by the fact that at the end of the second song, everybody in the room suddenly migrated towards them and never turned back.

It was a fascinatingly radiant and even sometimes tingling performance that stood as perhaps the best opening set of #KTNYR19 so far from easily our favourite discovery of the entire festival by this point.

This pair is special. Oh, and happy birthday Elaine!

Russell Stewart fell into that rare category of acts that we had actually seen in the past, as we came to know him when he supported Fenella at 13th Note 2 years ago, but this time he wasn’t alone.

Russell himself has evolved his game since our last meeting. He was a great singer alone, but he also had a cool and collected confidence which never came off forced or flashy, he appeared to be all natural.

There was a broad variety and mix of tones with the material. You had those handful with bouncy beats that elicited sweet vibes to get people into a summery frame of mind, there was some slow, jazzy numbers, and at one point, Russell even returned to his solo roots for the drawing, well-written Old Wounds.

Each of the tunes were accompanied by dazzling backing vocals, very slick bass work, good drumming and bloody superb keys. Throughout, the feedback from the now heaping crowd was positive, and it was truly earned. Russell and co were on consistently top form, and left a fine mark on the stage of Tuts.

We came hooked onto Fauves when they released their debut EP a year prior, and we were quickly reminded why that was the case.

They entered and showcased a delightfully arty sound that was highly infectious, featuring a combination of high, pristine harmonies, polished riffs, juicy rhythms and exquisite synths.

They had little bother getting folk sucked in, with a sea of bodies to be seen bobbing along. Most of their offerings had a smooth, easygoing pace to them, yet they were catchy all the same, and there were a couple of spots where they upped the ante slightly and provided an extra dose of buzz.

Not surprisingly, they made their exit to mental cheers after a set that was a pleasing, well-refined display of their talents. By the by, Rory’s a cracking dancer.

We’ve been big fans of St.Martiins since we fell in love with Bad W/ Her in 2017, and we had been dying to catch the duo at a gig for ages since then, and they came equipped with the rest of their fine crew here.

They commenced on a soft note and eased their way in steadily, but that quickly changed when Do Your Words ignited a dancing sesh in the front row, and it continued from there with their other fantastic 2018 singles No It’s All Over and Ur So Pretty, each donning some fab writing.

Katie was a sensational vocalist, with such a pure voice that is even more ravishing in a live environment. The twin guitars fused with excellent tender chords that helped to drive the engaging melodies, the beats formed from the bass and drums were captivating, and the synths assisted in enhancing the atmosphere that enveloped the room and had a tight grip on the vast audience.

Capping off with the ever-popular Jazzboy and going out with very little in the way of flaws, it was a truly enticing viewing and listening experience from one of Dundee’s finest that left us in high spirits, as well as so glad to have finally scratched their name off our bucket list.

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