Khaidian – Penumbra | SMALL RECORD REVIEWS



The music business is often painful, and London quartet Khaidian know that all too well. John Tyrell and Joseph Perumal first got together way back in 2010, with the intention of forming a band that would present a unique sound that blended industrial metal with a mix of electronica.

Although there was a clear goal, it took them a whole 8 years to produce their debut album, having endured endless challenges, mainly related to constantly line-up changes that had the project delayed again and again.

At last, here we are; the light at the end of the tunnel that sees the forthcoming release of the aforementioned record – Penumbra – but was the wait actually worth it in the end?

The guys go charging in with a dominant force that quickly attracts attention. At the heart of it is Andy on the mic, who has an impressive voice that boasts quite an amount of intensity behind it.

John works double duty, standing out with some tasty riffs that get the chance to shine through some slick solos, while working on the programming side of things to blare out the sweeping electronics as advertised, which are utilised well to add an extra layer of energy to the tracks, especially when teamed up with Joe and Kris who give out their share of booming basslines and sturdy drumming.

After nearly a decade of frustrating hell, Khadian have thankfully pulled through with an album that is overall great with a large scale and driven by hardy rhythms, and while the electronic-metal sound has been done by other acts between the band’s formation and now, they still pull it off efficiently.

Now their next step should be to evolve and expand upon their roots to ensure that they can break out from the rest of the pack in a thriving scene that is both teeming and luxurious, and from there is where they will prevail in the long term.


Sense Of The Spherical, Dramatic Professions Of Martyrdom, Thrive, Pearls Before Swine


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