Tiger Mimic – Elephant Skeleton | SMALL RECORD REVIEWS



It was last year that the pairing of Bram and Jess upped from New York City and moved across the pond to London, where they would form the indie rock quartet Tiger Mimic alongside their pals Ben and George.

In just a matter of months, they quickly made a strong first impression and caught the attention of many online. With that buzz firmly at their side, they get ready to release their debut EP – Elephant Skeleton.

Between the set of five tracks, we get a tight combination of really smooth, enchanting harmonies, sweet guitars, utterly sublime bass chords and mild drumming that carries the great beats.

The choruses are addictive, the writing shines through; even being quite clever in spots; and the infectious, almost jazzy rhythms are a joyous, sensation for the ears that unconsciously gets our hips swaying from side to side.

We knew we’d be in for something good, but Tiger Mimic have surpassed expectations here with an impressive record that is a tonne of fun, featuring content that is really memorable, well put together and has more than enough variety to keep it fresh.

Any new listeners that are given the opportunity to check out Elephant Skeleton should definitely not pass it up, it’s a pleasant surprise that will make anybody a fan.


Salt Woman, Elephant Skeleton, I Took Off My Body

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