Heir Of The Cursed – Hold The Mirror | SMALL RECORD REVIEWS



It was nearly 2 years ago that we had the opportunity to see Beldina Onassis, better known as Heir Of The Cursed, and we’ll never forget the impression she made on us that night, inheriting this sheer, magnetic quality that very few other acts can match.

Recently, Beldina and her partner got together and forged an off-the-cuff group of tracks within the space of an hour. The result of that is an EP titled Hold The Mirror.

At the forefront is Beldina’s beautiful voice, which she wields to deliver a vocal performance that is so broad, and so warm and gracious in tone. The gentle, delicate chords are also soothing, and the lyrics are utterly gripping.

The whole record is shrouded in an atmosphere that is dark, yet so stunning, and it triggers genuine goosebumps. You would have to lack any normal human compassion to not get even the slightest tingle down the spine.

This blew us away. So much is achieved with so little in such a raw environment, and it has to be said, given the conditions that this was done, this turned out to be such a tightknit, firmly curated product.

Hands down, one of the most beautiful and captivating EPs we’ve had the pleasure of listening to in such a long time, providing an experience that is guaranteed to make a permanent mark on anybody.


Ancient, Texture Of The Sun

Heir Of The Cursed headlines The Hug & Pint on Friday 18th January as part of Celtic Connections 2019, with support from Tamu Rassif and Robin Adams.


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