Petra Taylor – Est 1983 | SMALL RECORD REVIEWS



Based in Glasgow, Petra Taylor has been a dedicated musician for many years, and that includes being involved with such acts as Rose City Blues and The Tweeds, although in all that time, she had nerves about playing herself and felt way more comfortable being part of a band.

But when confronted with the spark to keep going and nobody to join her, she took the plunge and flew solo, building up her confidence and improving her abilities in such a short period. After months of gigs and impressing many folk along the way, she has finally released her first record – Est 1983.

Her extensive experience as a vocalist is well and truly showcased, with a voice that is sharp, powerful and illuminated by an alluring quality that has the listener hanging on to everything that she sings, especially during the very minimal numbers where the harmonies are the focal point.

As for the songs themselves, they are infectious pieces with a pleasing blues sound that also subtly mixes in elements of old school rock and roll, carried by sweet melodies, delicate acoustics, and in one instance, enticing harmonicas, and the writing is so excellent and gripping throughout.

Petra has given us our money’s worth with a satisfyingly stellar debut that is beautifully performed and neatly put together. She has come out of her shell in a big way as of late, which we are proud of her for, and more people ought to be exposed to what she is capable of.


Elsie, Dreamin’, Take Me Away, Ukulele Rag

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