Big Cloud – The Three EPs | SMALL RECORD REVIEWS



Big Cloud from Cowdenbeath are an act who recently came to our attention, one who have been spent the last few years shaping music that they label as “puffwave”. They describe themselves as “fearlessly boring”, but that’s a load of tripe, because we personally find them intriguing.

With a discography consisting of a trio of records, the guys decide to put together a compilation combining them – plus a festive single – and the result is The Three EPs LP.

The majority of their material have this smooth, dreamy essence that is engrossing and heavy in the ambient department. The tracks are comprised of conspicuously nifty bass chords, refined drum beats and polished guitars, with great vocal performances taking lead at the forefront.

There’s quite a decent variety between the songs. You get some more upbeat ones with sweet rhythms to them, as well as those slow-burners which fully embrace the chilling atmospheric nature, often building up to a grand finish.

Another aspect that is prominent throughout is the writing, with the lyrics standing out and making a mark; Christmas Presence is definitely the most memorable in that regard.

The Three EPs is a juicy assortment of engaging content that can be best summed up as the band themselves do – “it’s the sound of the Big f***ing Cloud”. Cool stuff from a highly underappreciated bunch who need more love.


Christmas Presence, Vytal Eyes, Sun Song #9, She’s The Chief, Energy Queen, Vytamin Slop, Shineosaur

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