#5 | Bemz – King Tuts #KTNYR19


Busker Rhymes are one of those acts whose name we had seen everywhere, yet hadn’t actually taken the time to give a bash, but now was the chance to check them out once and for all.

The two leading men did a cracking job, switching between smooth, and sharp and swift, whenever the numbers called for it. The rest of the group contributed a lot on the instrumental side; guitar chords, bass, drums, electronics, harmonicas, basically a bit of everything was involved and in different ways.

Because of that, no 2 songs ever sounded the same, so there was a real nice mixture that cut out any sense of possible redundancy. On top of those qualities, the writing was great, and the beats had a hook to them, especially when they shifted up the tempo. A few of the focal points included Stressed OutAnti Social Network and Signal Failure, plus they even threw in an acoustic tune, which was readily executed.

Letting gig dates slip from memory aside, it was an impressive showing that made us a fan of Busker Rhymes quick.

We were more than familiar with DopeSickFly, perhaps our favourite Scottish funk act who have 2 awesome records to their name. This would be our second time seeing them live in person, and we nabbed ourselves a tee beforehand to be united with the fellow fans in attendance (as well as add to our unhealthily growing collection).

They started nice and steady with Barriers, easing their way in and building from there. Ant was just a natural performer with a seriously smooth voice, while Wendy equally shined with ravishing harmonies, with her defining moment being Just Breathe, and it was fun to watch the pair bounce off each together. On top of that, Chris, Joe and Adrian busted out some freakishly good riffs, bass lines and drum beats respectively to create the infectiously funky rhythms.

They managed to pull the audience closer forward to the front and get them involved in a wee singalong in a couple of instances, but some were dancing under their own jurisdiction anyway, which was difficult to resist doing so we can’t blame them. A participation element was certainly present, which is always a big factor in a great live band.

All the tunes from their recently released Dreamerz Never Sleep EP in particular were on top form, and they had initially capped off with Peanut Butter Jelly Hey You, but shockingly, they were allowed to have an encore, and much to all our delights, it was their piece de resistance, Hydroplane.

As expected, it was a positively electric experience, igniting a fun vibe that touched upon those attending and got a party rolling. DF Concerts might want to consider these guys for a future headline spot, because we think they earned it here.

Hip hop artist Bemz was a complete unknown to us heading in, but that changed damn fast coming out.

Accompanied by dark and groovy rhythms, he was a strong rapper who churned out bars which were half fluent and half intense that had us hanging onto every verse he sung. He showed a supreme confidence and charisma, and was fiercely vivid and animated up there; a sight that just had our eyes glued on to him throughout.

His crowd wasn’t the biggest we had seen at the NYR by this point by any stretch, but god damn, they must have been the loudest and most dedicated. There were unreal scenes from the attendees who were just infatuated with him, dishing out cheers, chanting, yelling back the words and throwing shapes left and right, especially that one guy who was really, really into it.

But nobody was more blown away by that reaction as much as Bemz himself. We’ve never seen a musician be so appreciative and giddy as hell for an audience response. He was insanely humble about the entire thing, but he truly deserved it. It was pure evidence of the skill and presence that he brought to the table.

A simple yet big level display translated onto a small stage that evoked a staggering buzz that will stay with us as a memory for a long time. He’s an undeniable talent, and after what we witnessed, we could be possibly seeing a future megastar in him down the road…


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