A Swarm Of The Sun – The Woods | SMALL RECORD REVIEWS



If you seek the best of post-rock over in Sweden, then A Swarm Of The Sun are a must. The duo of Erik and Jakob have bewildered listeners for over a decade with a variety of heavyweight records, with their greatest success coming with their 2015 stormer The Rifts.

It’s been 4 years since the pair last put out an album, but the time is finally upon us for them to make another mark with their latest offering – The Woods.

We are presented with a trio of tracks, each approximately 13 minutes in length, and between them is an astounding listening experience with a sheer scope and weight to it, where every number serves as a separate chapter of a 3-part epic.

Blackout is a slow-burner that takes its time building an atmosphere and setting the mood, before unleashing into a ballistic barrage.

With the stage set, they continue into the title number which adds in some faint, chilling vocals, from where they create this dark auditory environment and gradually form a hell of a sizable rhythm that is elevated by raving riffs and explosive drum beats.

Last but not least, An Heir To The Throne provides a moment for a much-need breather, but it doesn’t take long for the guys to return to stand proceedings with one final blast of immense, senses-staggering energy.

If it wasn’t apparent, The Woods is a phenomenal record that is so strongly performed and so tightly produced, and it makes such an overwhelming impact that shoots the breath right out of the body. A Swarm Of The Sun are far too talented to be ignored, and they are in need of a more public spotlight.


The Woods, An Heir To The Throne



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