Light From The City – Chaos | SMALL RECORD REVIEWS



We recently got the opportunity to see Glasgow alternative rockers Light From The City in action for the very first time at King Tuts, as part of the New Year’s Revolution festival, and they certainly clicked with us.

Just a month before, they had released their debut EP – Chaos – and following the Tuts show, we decided to go and buy it for ourselves, and it turned out to be money well spent.

They don’t waste much time, digging straight into the good stuff pronto; a set of material that is snappy and really catchy, especially with the luring hooks so contagious that you find yourself singing along under your breath.

Featured in the tracks are superb vocals, sweet guitars and cool rhythm sections, plus the writing is pretty entertaining and easy to cling on to quickly.

If there was one glaring issue, it’d be that the production is a little on the rough side, with a few spots where the mixing is shoddy, and that can be a turnoff for some listeners, so that could have done with a tidy up.

Otherwise, this is a great first effort, and if they continue to develop their skills and refine the shortcomings, we predict a bright future for the boys, who have plenty of potential riding behind them.


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