Downcast – Downcast | SMALL RECORD REVIEWS



A meeting of minds from across England and Wales, new pop punk quartet Downcast debuted last year and were from the word go focused.

They spent months not only honing a live set that’d be worth people’s money, but writing and recording their self-titled debut EP, a platform on which to showcase both their talents and the important messages that they want to get across.

The four guys do well on the performance front. The vocals have a real, candid conviction behind them, the guitar work is great, and the rhythm section remains pretty solid throughout, and they blend together effectively to give us tunes with cool, hooking melodies and memorable choruses.

But the real value of the record comes from the gripping and resonating writing. Spawning from previous life experiences, they detail the battle against negative emotions that have dragged them down, but with a positive outlook that there is a light at the end of the tunnel in the long run.

Liam has stated that he hoped this EP could serve as a coping device of sorts for those who can relate and have been through this kind of trauma themselves, and it’s handled quite amply in that regard.

There’s a distinct diversity at play here too. The majority of the tracks are energised, high-octane pieces, typical of the genre their general sound encompasses, but then in another juncture, they can give us something that is stripped and acoustic-based, so even when a couple of numbers don’t hit bullseyes, they still certainly keep it fresh, while retaining their focus on the topics at hand.

Downcast have made a gratifying impression with their first effort, one that has undoubtedly set a standard for the British pop punk scene to follow in the rest of 2019.


Anthurium, Sombre, I’m Sorry


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