The Fences – King Tuts #KTNYR19 | SMALL GOES GIGGING


In the afternoon before the show, somebody posted to us that Paris Street Rebels were one of the finest small bands that he had seen live. That certainly bumped up our curiosity, and after see them for ourselves, we couldn’t fault him at all.

They fired out the gates immediately and emitted an energy from the stage that was engrossing, keeping it up as they blitzed through track after track, all of which were fast-paced, bouncy, rocky and tightly performed, including a taster of their upcoming single, which was probably the best of the bunch.

Kevin and Grant were really animated and confident, and boasted a presence that the crowd clung on to. Jordan thumped out great chords on the bass, and the drumming from Cameron was equal parts swift and forcible.

Ironically, in a set with so few flaws, they had one major mishap which needed a restart – poor Sean Francis the photographer got the blame – but they managed to pick up from there, and hadn’t lost much steam anyway.

This is a case where all the elements just clicked and meshed together, making for a brilliant, intoxicating set of a standard that would be hard to top.

Greedy Soul didn’t quite have that same buzz, but with that said, they were good in their own right, as they played some decent rock numbers such as Only For You and Changes.

The guitar work was the factor that stood out the most, and riffs were even being traded off at a few moments. Elsewhere, the vocals were on form, and the rhythms were consistently solid, especially when it come to the variety of memorable choruses that highlights each of the tunes.

It was enjoyable stuff from the quartet with little complaints, although we feel they need to find that defining facet that would help them to stick out from all the rest in what is a packed local scene.

Luke La Volpe were another act on the night’s bill that we were promised we would like, and they didn’t disappoint in the slightest. Whether they were smooth or catchy, their varied numbers had such engaging melodies topped with satisfying hooks.

Luke himself gave us cool, strong harmonies, the guitarist (sorry for not knowing your name, man) displayed a lot of skill and dished out a few ample solos while at it, and Ewan was just as equally adept on the bass. The drummer (again, we’re sorry…) was also seriously impressive and dynamic. Honestly, despite even far into the background, we were constantly diverting our eyes towards him, he was that much of a joy to watch.

The quartet undoubtedly had a grip on the audience, who were loving it just as much as we were. Their performance as a whole was fantastic, as the members brought their best here and mixed well as a coherent outfit.

With minimal effort, they converted us into a fan, and we are totally sound with that fact.

Now it was time for Clydebank lads The Fences to wrap up the night. Their intro sure as hell dragged on, and early amp issues killed the buzz a little. When they eventually did get going, they fired up the place in no time flat with compelling indie rock numbers that were energetic and had the slightest hint of modern punk lurking in there.

Aidan was a capable vocalist and frontman who did cracking in egging on the large crowd and helping them get into a frenzy. The rest of the group, even if they could have been a little less rigid on stage, were sufficient too and delivered a decent combo of riffs and beats.

We can’t remember the last time, if ever for that matter, we had seen a local act with wingmen by their side, but you know what? They got the job done, even if they weren’t really needed, because the folk were really into it regardless, and the scenes said it all – cheering, sitting on shoulders, phone lights illuminated, clapping, lyrics being yelled back…the lot, basically.

While not our personal favourites of the night, they deserve the credit for performing well and being able to invigorate the people and keep them in the palm of their hands all the way, in the process proving that they had earned that headline slot. They had left an impression, and we think they could grow into something extra special down the line.



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