State Of Ember – Broken Horizons | SMALL RECORD REVIEWS



Redditch rock trio State Of Ember have been able to soak up quite a fair amount of success in the short time they’ve been together. A worthy debut record, much love from the likes of BBC Introducing and ReverbNation, notable live shows, nationwide touring and being featured in a video game. Not too shabby.

Things have went swimmingly thus far, but now the band will be expected to step up their game with the release of their sophomore EP – Broken Horizons.

Within the opening seconds, a spark is ignited, and the three charge forth through each of the tracks which have this palpitating energy that is so fiery and so crushing all at once, rattling the senses non-stop. The verses alone are wild, but it’s the choruses where they take it to another level.

Chris delivers doubly with aggressive vocals and bewildering riffs. Meanwhile, the bass chords from Mike satisfyingly punch at the eardrums, and they go hand-in-hand nicely with Chelsea’s pulsating drum beats.

Any doubts that State Of Ember were a flash in the pan are completely shattered here, because Broken Horizons is a blistering rush and a half that is fiercely exciting and perpetual, blazing from end to end and keeping the listeners on a constant, storming high.

Is it the most original or complex rock record out there? Not particularly. Is it an entertaining one that begs headbangers to constantly come back for more juicy, heavy goodness? Hell yeah.


Reasons, Wrong Turn, Fears Of Falling


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