Behind Blue Eyes – All That You Are | SMALL RECORD REVIEWS



Hailing from Barnet in London, the metalcore troupe Behind Blue Eyes have been gaining a reputation as hopeful prospects across the local and national scape, particularly over the course of 2018, and they’ve kicked off the year with their long-awaited debut EP – All That You Are.

From a slow building intro, they fire into a trio of loaded tracks that are incited by a raw energy which is instantly contagious, as well as a huge sound that is totally enveloping, and it’s when they hit the superb choruses, which are the highlights of the numbers, that these qualities are punched up to another level.

Stone is a superb vocalist in pretty much every aspect, as he brings so much strength and fervour to his vocals that adds an extra pulling power to each song. Kiahn impresses with dynamic riffs, while the pairing of Joe and Seb form some tight rhythms sustained by their equally great bass and drum work.

It may be short in length, but Behind Blue Eyes throw everything into what is a top-notch first record that is built upon the skills that the four have clearly developed and honed from day one.

Metal fans looking for a worthwhile new discovery in 2019, these fellas are your ticket. Expect big things from them.


Growing Cold, Forever Here

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