#2 | The Rising Souls – King Tuts #KTNYR19


Of the three on the bill tonight, Run Into The Night were the most familiar to us. In 2018, they had caught our attention with their recent singles, and we had been eager to see them in the flesh since, and now we were given the chance.

Together, they performed a line of tunes defined by swaying, infectious swings that had a tantalising touch of old school blues for added measure, with the highlights being Bad GirlNew Fix and the awesomely catchy Devil’s Rhythm.

Christina was a real proficient guitarist, and she had this stride and swagger on stage that was quite magnetic; you couldn’t take your eyes off her. Complimenting her was her bestie Ellie, who happily battered away at the kit, giving us neat beats for us to merrily tap our toes along to.

They earned themselves a respectable response from the numerous strangers previously unaware of the ladies, and that came courtesy of, taking minor missteps out of the equation, a smooth and satisfying set that got the ball rolling so stylishly.

Pariah Soul had been in our radar for a while as they regularly kept creeping up in our social feeds, but for one reason or another, we were constantly missing out on them gig-wise, but now the opportunity was here at last with no excuses.

Needless to say, they ramped up the intensity and brought a whole new life to the event, dishing out an abundance of smashing rock numbers driven by a combustible force that, within minutes, had the attention of pretty much everybody in that jammed room; all eyes glued on the trio.

The guys excelled in their performances and had an obvious chemistry. The unified vocals were just great, John’s riff game was strong, Jason pumped out mighty cool bass tones, and Craig’s drumming was dynamic and off the charts, radiating with a booming power, and combined they forged a sound that was huge.

They were giving it so much that they claimed to be “f***ed” halfway through, but nevertheless, they persevered and rode their red-hot momentum to the end, where they concluded with the top notch Rain.

Pariah Soul succeeded far beyond our expectations with the most kick-ass of heavy, showstopping displays that sure won us over.

With all including us totally buzzed, Edinburgh rock crew The Rising Souls were finally up to close the proceedings. As with most of the #KTNYR19 headliners, they were new to us, but we had heard nothing but positive things about them, so we entered in blind, and were certainly not left disappointed.

They gave us a nice wee mixture of tunes ranging in styles. We got a selection of sleek pieces with engaging rhythms, and then there was those more catchy songs that elevated the excitement levels, sporting hooks with a pulse behind them. The focal point for us to had to be Escape, which was just captivating.

Dave was a natural frontman, with a presence and a great voice to boot, especially impressive at sustaining the long notes. Oscar was skillful with the guitar in tow, and both Kelso and Reece were stellar on the bass and drums, and they made for an untouchable team when working off each other; definitely one of Scotland’s tightest rhythm sections we’ve came across in recent memory.

The audience were completely fixated on the guys and evidently enjoyed the set; bobbing their heads, clapping in spots and showing their appreciation for every single track, and even sparked an encore which turned out fantastic.

As their final show for the foreseeable future in order to craft their next record, they entertained with a swell exhibiton that perfectly showcased the appeal of one of the capital’s most beloved underground rock and roll acts.



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