GALLUS – Looking Like A Mess

“Hiya”. With their debut EP around the corner, the red-hot Glasgow indie punk band start off what’s looking to be a prosperous 2019 with another cracking single to add to their arsenal.

With cameos from Adam Mills and Arion Xenos, this is a blistering, rhythmic tune with a frantic energy. The vocal performances, guitars, basslines, drumming, more or less everything is on top form, plus some brass chucked in to make it all the sweeter.

Completing the package is a superb chorus that is memorable, with the lyrics glued within one listen.


The Glaswegian folk-blues outfit will be kicking their 2019 off with a bang with their brand new album, but before then, we are treated to this single off the forthcoming record.

The mid-range lead vocals are excellent, accompanied by some equally good, light backing harmonies. The guitar work is pretty polished, and the rhythm has quite a bounce to it, formed from prominent bass chords and a slick drum beat.


The Californian indie pop quartet present their first release since their Clean EP from 2017; a cracking number with a sweet rhythm, where the guys entertain with great harmonies, cool riffs, melodic piano keys and a superb, seriously hooking chorus.

THE JULIE ANN BAND – When The Bells Go

What better way to ring in 2019 than with this fine romantic ditty? The latest single from the Edinburgh folk group is a charming tune, led by a terrific vocal performance from Julie-Ann herself, that features lovely acoustics, great lyrics, the most infectious of melodies and a grand chorus that will stick in the brain for hours after.


The Record Of The Year 2018 winner capped off the most fruitful 12 months of her career with what has to be one of her most stunning tunes to date.

She teams up with Michael Pedersen, who gives us some genuine, earnest spoken word lyrics through the verses, to which Carla responds to in the chorus with equally strong writing and soft, utterly beautiful harmonies. Completing it is a warm sound that is just spine-tingling.

DEREK J MARTIN – Graffiti On The Wall

After a successful 2018 that saw him release his debut album, the Ayrshire singer-songwriter offers one of the highlights of said record. The harmonies are good, the melody is pretty engaging, and the chorus is superb.

LORI SMITH – Record On Repeat

The Ayrshire singer-songwriter may be only 14, but she has talent beyond her years, as proven by her first official song, a predecessor to her forthcoming debut single.

This is a fantastic track with a rich, appealing pop sound, driven by a pulsing beat, headed by superb harmonies and good writing, topped off by a catchy chorus.

RULE OF YOUNG – Surrender

Relatively fresh on the scene, the Cleveland pop trio make quite the first impression with a stunning tune defined by graceful blended harmonies, solid writing and a calm leisurely melody that pulls in the listener with little difficulty.


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