Desert Clouds – Nothing Beyond The Cage | SMALL RECORD REVIEWS



Atmospheric alternative rock quartet Desert Clouds are a group that have quite a fair amount of experience behind them. Originally forming in Italy in 2008, they would take the plunge and move to London a couple of years later, but it took a long time for them to properly get off the ground.

After much hassle with constant line-up changes, they finally began to make their mark in 2017 with their debut EP, and have since further amassed more fans with a variety of singles. Now they aim to kick off 2019 with a bang, courtesy of their first full-length album – Nothing Beyond The Cage.

The general sound is a distinctively grungy one with an essence of psychedelia in places and it’s pretty sweet; one with a 90’s edge but updated into something current. Admittedly, it does take a little while for the record to get going, but once they form a groove, they maintain it all the way through to the end with little bother.

Driving the tracks are engaging rhythms that bat back and forth between slow and lulling, and sprightlier with a sense of power and a growing fervid energy. The dual vocals fit perfectly, the riffs and often crunchy bass lines flow nicely, and the drum beats are really solid.

Desert Clouds have employed their established know-how to produce an excellent album that blends together a mixture of sounds and styles to supply the listener with something that is enjoyably engrossing which only improves with repeated hearings.


Take Off, Whistling In The Rain, Overmore, Under Tons


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