#1 | Luna The Professor – King Tuts #KTNYR19


The very first show of the 2019 gig calendar – and New Year’s Revolution as a whole – had a hell of a turnout. Granted, it was a Thursday and all the acts had plentiful friends and fans between them, but for the third day of January, not too shabby.

With a real atmosphere hovering in the venue, The Allies from Greenock kicked things off. The first time we’d be seeing them in action would also be the last, as they were calling it a day following this.

They came in with handfuls of energy straight off the bat, which grabbed the attention of everybody in just seconds, and suddenly they were stood in front of a big audience where all eyes were on them.

The boys gave us a set of solid indie rock originals; some nice, energetic ones, while others moved at a casual pace. The vocals from Bailey were great, Kian and Kai – while a little still on stage – held up their ends of the bargain on the guitar and bass respectively, and we got fast and frantic drumming courtesy of Aidan.

But they didn’t really get the place going they dished out back-to-back covers from the likes of Oasis, The Fratellis and The Arctic Monkeys; Dancefloor in particularly was almost damn spot-on, and that alone started a few scrambles in the room, where luckily nobody was hurt…we hope.

Later on, Bailey really came out of his shell when he joined in with the people at the barrier, showing a lot of spirit as he got them clapping along, and the four more or less kept that fire burning right up until the finish.

Given their performances and especially the response, The Allies had hit it out of the park with a blow-away effort that could have easily headlined any other gig. We’re gutted that they are splitting, but we’ve seen worse ways to make an exit.

Alternative rockers Light From The City undoubtedly had to step it up big time here. Needing to rush on because of overrunning probably didn’t help matters.

But any doubts were washed away within minutes, as the four found a groove quick; in the process delivering a fruitful batch of sweet tunes that had a seizing pep to them, headed by fiercely addictive rhythms and strong choruses that had us engaged throughout, further elevated by grabbing lyrics, a very confident performance from the frontman, and excellent riff pairings.

It was a challenge to get the audience invested again, but they were gradually won over and could be seen bouncing about and yelling back the words, plus pits returned to the fray.

With no dull moments or much in the way of issues to speak of, Light From The City seriously impressed us, displaying tonnes of potential all the while, and you can bet that we went and bought their Chaos EP the next morning (thoroughly recommend it, by the way).

They had made an impact on us, and we are dying to see and hear more.

And now for Luna The Professor, the first of 15 acts to headline the fest, fresh off supporting The LaFontaines the previous month. There was a lot of buzz surrounding the North Lanarkshire troupe – the amount of folk nabbing tickets from the bar was plenty enough indication – and we had been personally keen to check them out for ages.

The lights went down, Vengaboys blared out and everybody went mental, but that was only the beginning. The group made their way up onto the stage and instantly ignited a palpable spark.

They had a bit of everything that we wanted from a live act: a natural presence, an astounding, rip-roaring energy and consistently tight chemistry. It’s almost pointless to talk about how much they rubbed off on the crowd, who responded with manic scenes that were just nuts to watch. The number of folk exhausted and drenched in masses of sweat once it was over was ridiculous. Not to mention, the poor security had a task and a half maintaining control (our thoughts and prayers to the staff).

The songs in their arsenal were superb, highlighted by intoxicating, hook-littered melodies that were taken to another level over the larger than life choruses. The harmonies were on form, the guitars were well polished and the rhythm section were effective all the way. Honestly, it’s a struggle to think of negatives.

Luna The Professor performed an electrifying blinder of a set that couldn’t have possibly failed to leave bare minimum a grin etched on the face, and in doing so, they continued to make a case for themselves as one of the hottest young prospects in central Scotland.

A special birthday shout to that one guy from Kilmarnock we chatted to in the queue beforehand! We hope you eventually ended up finding a reasonable pub in Glasgow.

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