SMALL GIG REPORT | Dead Or American – Nice N Sleazy (10.11.18)


The hairy duo of Acid Cannibals got the gig rolling with quite the mad set. From end to end, they belted out a collection of berserk, fast-paced numbers with reckless abandon, including some choice picks off their Why Not Every Night EP, and all had folk politely bobbing their heads along.

The guitarist, turned away from the crowd, ripped out some great, grungy and distorted chords at breakneck speed, and the drummer was insanely good, punching out intense, heavy-hitting beats so fast that his arms were just a blur; a real sight to see. He also admired Ritchie of Dead Or American’s beautiful kit.

Admittedly, it was hard to hear the vocals sometimes due to the high reverb on the mic, and there were also one or two spots they went so off the scale that it was a bit messy. But overall, the pair gave us an enjoyable loud and brash as all hell opening. And remember: “everybody’s great!”

And now for the most abrupt change of tone to a gig ever, as Adam Stafford was up next. Truthfully speaking, the Falkirk native was the main reason that we were here tonight, being a big fan of his for 2 years now, but what we got completely defied all expectations.

He produced tracks with these grand, cinematic soundscapes, intricately formed from a mixture of his guitar, an assortment of pedals, and even his own voice, all put to use in tremendous fashion, and he had a firm sense of timing.

It has to be said, we can’t recall that many musicians that get into such a zone during a performance that Adam did, being so utterly sucked into it, and when he played the more dynamic stuff, his energy was unreal. It was really something to behold, like he was in his own little world; waterfalls of sweat spilling off him, and with the demeanour of a person with a screw loose.

We could probably go on for ages about our thoughts and feelings coming out of that, but it certainly proved Adam to be a unique, incredibly creative individual who doesn’t get enough appreciation. Sure he’s different, radically different, and his style more than likely turned off a few people at the show, but it sure beats being boring and beige, doesn’t it?

And finally, Stirling post-hardcore outfit Dead Or American stepped up after a years-long hiatus. They last released music long before we ever stepped foot onto the scene, and after seeing them in person, it turned out that we seriously missed out back in the day.

Despite being away for ages, they seemed to shake off the rust with little problem, appearing natural and in their element. They dusted off a line-up of material that had the crowd fixated and hooked through it all; a handful of them dancing, and even a few singing back the words.

The performance on the whole was tight, with strong dual vocals, superb riffs and the energetic, forceful rhythms were constantly pumping with gas, hitting a peak during the fantastic and catchy choruses, and that pace was maintained throughout.

No geriatric jokes here. Deservedly greeted with passionate cheers and applause, the quartet made a triumphant return and showed everybody that they still have what it takes, providing a satisfying nostalgia trip for the diehards and a wild experience for newcomers like ourselves.


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