SMALL GIG REPORT | The Katet – The Hug & Pint (09.11.18)


For a number of years now, we have been enamoured by Rosie Bans and her music, but in all that time, we never actually had the pleasure of meeting and seeing her live until this very night, and the wait couldn’t have been any more worth it.

Rosie proved to be a woman of many talents, and there were 4 in particular that we could pinpoint. Firstly, her voice is astounding, being so pure and powerfully echoing around the room. Secondly, she is an utterly slick pianist, being able to jump from key to key in a flash with such poise.

Third, her lyrics are engrossing and featured relatable themes, with highlights in this area including InstinctsHome and Kindness. And lastly, even her anecdotes between songs were interesting. It had never occurred to us that she is a natural storyteller, and whether it’s about the smell of Berlin or her screaming ovaries, we could listen to her for hours.

She may be a compulsive oversharer, but damn is she an amazing performer. Keeping the audience entranced throughout, it was a mesmerising display from one of Scotland’s most underappreciated artists.

And now it was time for headliners The Katet to come on up. The seven just barely squeezed onto the stage, and they started off nice and easygoing, gradually building up to the catchier stuff as they progressed, which was defined by an insanely good sound that fused funk and jazz; something relatively fresh in the Scottish scene; and it had us shaking our hips quite often.

Mike the frontman looked as if he was having the time of his life – that smile of his is contagious – and he was cool on the keyboard. Jed’s riffs were so stylish, Craig and Davide’s rhythms flowed well, and the brass trio of Charles, Tom and Ross were unbelievably superb, just wowing us every chance they had with their sweet abilities.

In the midst of their setlist were notable tracks from their Guillotine album that we were familiar with, such as Calvin Klein, The Bed And The Arms and the exciting Everything Is Not Gonna Be OK, and they even brought Rosie back up for a pair of tunes, and of course she was delightful.

While maybe running on the side of being too lengthy, the 12 year veterans put forth their experience and delivered an excellent show. They had journeyed all the way to Glasgow to bring the party, and they more or less succeeded. A perfect act for any function, as long as it doesn’t involve cruise ships…

Craig-Russell Horne’s review of the gig – “f***ing amazing, gig of the year!”

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