SMALL GIG REPORT | The Vignettes – “Subway Romance” Launch


Yung KP would be starting off the night, and it’s difficult to put into concise words what we witnessed. But first, the essentials – the trio blasted out short punk-rock numbers made up of great riffs, sharp bass lines and fervent drumming; most of them driven by infectious, butt-shaking grooves, especially Art School.

But boy, did things enter bizarro territory on many an occasion – tops were stripped off, the bassist wandered around aimlessly, there were nonsensical conversations between songs, and we got what was probably the most intense playing of a recorder ever…

…but you know what, and we believe the same can be said for the rest of the audience there, we couldn’t look away, so they must have done something right. To sum it up, it was weird but wonderful.

Quiche have been quietly rising as a must-see act over the course of 2018, and we were awfully keen to finally see them in person. They came off looking strong with a combination of excellent harmonies that blended perfectly, a line of slick guitars and pretty engaging rhythms.

A key element that elevated them was the diversity of their material; in one instance, they would give us something smooth and swaying, the next moment they were more peppy and energetic.

The group were so lively and fluent, and had the people hooked as a result, even attracting the attention of the Yung KP boys, who emerged from the shadows to showcase some delightful dancing.

It was a really tight performance that thoroughly impressed and left us craving more.

A mass of folk pushed forward towards the front of the stage for The Vignettes, so there was an obvious buzz within the room.

The guys delivered a mashup of old and new tunes – of course, their cracking new single Subway Romance was on the list – and all were greeted with zealous cheers, and for good reason, as each for them were splendidly intoxicating rock and roll tracks riding off such a snappy energy.

All four were top notch, and leading the charge was Hamish, who displayed a fierce showmanship that was magnetic, as he oozed passion and gave it his all, sweating himself silly in the process.

The atmosphere in the venue was simply electric, with a tonne of crowd participation involving clapping, singing along, happy blokes on top of shoulders and cries for glowsticks. It was captivating, and you wanted to be part of it so badly, not wanting to feel left out of it all, and isn’t that ultimately the sign of a good show?

Capping off with the frenzied Young Bohemians, there was no doubt that this was a staggering victory for the quartet, who demonstrated a high caliber of talent on a brilliant night that we are so thankful to have been invited to, leaving a big fat smile etched on our face for hours afterwards.


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