SMALL GIG REPORT | Blood Command – Audio (07.11.18)


To start off this diverse night of music were Glasgow’s prime synthpop group 100 Fables, who we had last seen in action making a killing headlining the O2 ABC2, and man were they good here.

Cutting the chitchat to a bare minimum, they dived straight in and dished out hit after hit, including old favourites The PressureElectric Girls And Boys and the emotionally-driven Untold, in addition to awesome singles from earlier in 2018 like Complications and the infectious Neon Nightmare.

The key strength of this band is in their live presence, and we got some addictive melodies, sweet riffs and bouncy rhythms, and if you could name us a more enthusiastic vocalist in Scotland that gives no less than 200% on the same level as Lyndsey, then please make us aware.

On a bill that they were probably not suited for, they still impressed in the opening position and managed to hook in a lot of listeners that were not from their usual scene, so kudos to them.

It had been ages since we last saw Donnie Willow. Firing out with Stuck, they played a pretty tight set consisting of numbers from the Exhibition EP such as Toys and the mighty Blessed Company, intermixed with new material that the boys have been grinding away on, and they all sounded real promising.

The trio as a whole worked well, displaying their years-long chemistry. Arthur was strong wielding the guitar and venting sharp, broad-ranged vocals that paired nicely with Sam’s harmonies and crunchy bass tones, and Peter was a resilient force at the kit.

Only minor issue: perhaps a little too much time spent on tuning between songs that killed the pace a little, but otherwise it was great stuff as expected, and they earned a positive response from the crowd, so they deserve credit on that front.

There was a wave of anticipation hovering in the room before Blood Command headed on. We have to confess that we had only discovered this band via the announcement of this gig, but we had quickly fallen in love with them prior to the show, so we were just as buzzing.

The Nordics had some early trouble with major mic issues, but as soon as that hurdle was quickly cleared, they held nothing back in putting forth one hell of a performance.

The energy from the six was off the charts for the entire hour, as they threw out endless bangers. Collectively between them were insane vocals, a triad of blazing riffs and wholly resonant rhythms, plus you can’t beat an extra dose of maracas and (airbourne) tambourines.

It was jumping, shredding and synchronised kicks galore, and the outfit firmly had the audience in a mad clapping, headbanging rally throughout, including one immensely passionate bearded bloke in red; a true fan, if we ever saw one.

Blood Command came all the way from Norway to conquer Scotland, and oh boy, they did so with such ease. An outstanding, blow-away effort that made an empathetic statement.

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