SMALL GIG REPORT | Plasmas – The 13th Note (03.11.18)


To start off the show was an act we were quite familiar with – Gravelle from Livingston, who we had fallen in love recently after they released their debut EP, so their name alone attracted us to the show, and they didn’t disappoint.

They played a set of numbers, including all from Liquid Skin naturally, which had a great gritty post-punk sound and were so catchy and infectious, each featuring fiery dual harmonies from both Monique and Kyle, sweet electronics and shredding riffs.

Even all the minuscule details, like their inflections and expressions, gave them that extra layer to make them stand out. A couple of minor faults aside, it was impressive stuff from a pair who are different and harness tonnes of potential.

We were buzzing and now raring for more, and it was up to Drainpipe to fulfil us. Instantly, we were intrigued as they had a projector running with flickering images flashing up.

They performed a set opposite of Gravelle’s, with focus on lo-fi atmospheric soundscapes that had a mild essence to them, and they mixed it up between longer pieces elevating from calmness towards big finishes, and more straightforward poppy tracks with good hooks that got some members of the growing crowd dancing a little; in particular, the cracking closing song.

Among the stronger aspects, the guitars were pristine and the beats, even if a little off in parts, were real nice. On the whole, a solid effort that started fine and only improved as they went along, and shined with just enough variety to keep those attending hooked.

The rock trio Whisky Pigeon followed, and they added a much-welcomed kick to the night, with the majority of their tunes packing an energy behind them, highlighted by smashing choruses.

Lewis was really on form, throwing everything in and trying to get the crowd fired up the best he could, and he was joined by Harrison and his sharp bass tones, and swift drum fills from Greig, and together, they ignited an electric vibe within the venue.

They kept the pace going for most of it, and even though they lost a little steam in the second half, they quickly recovered soon after, and by the time they had wrapped up, the audience were left satisfied.

And now to cap off the show – Dundonian headliners Plasmas. While not quite bringing the same level of energy as their predecessors, they still entertained those who stuck around and tightly squeezed themselves at the front of the stage.

Their numbers were carried by transcendent melodies centered around warm harmonies, not to mention some really excellent synths and smooth rhythms headed by glossy guitar chords.

When they kicked it up a notch for the catchier tunes, such as their latest single Spark, there were more than a few heads dancing along, and it was hard to resist tapping your foot along.

For their debut in Glasgow, it was a more than decent showing that finished on a high note with a well-earned encore, and it made for a fine conclusion to the inaugural Kiosk Club event.

“When I say PLAS, you say MAS!”

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