SMALL GIG REPORT | Verse Metrics – Bar Bloc (01.11.18)

verse metrics

To kick off the evening was a fresh face to us – Ewen Friers aka Catalan – who had traveled all the way from Belfast to be here, which happened to be the first stop of his solo UK tour, and it proved to be a worthwhile experience for both himself and us.

Armed with not much more than a guitar, a few pedals and a laptop stacked on stools, he played some nice pieces that had engaging memories and good beats to them, but above all, the definitive quality was the strong, even emotional writing that carried well through Ewen’s smooth harmonies.

He had a tight grip on the local audience, who were hooked from the beginning, and there was a little back and forth between the two parties, with a range of discussions being fired up on matters such as overlooked city architecture, the uplift topic of mental health and open suggestions to erect statues in George Square for Limmy, Mr Blobby and “Jim” Niblock.

It was a really fine performance from one talented bloke who left us all smiling.

This would be our third time seeing Glaswegian outfit Verse Metrics in action, and they dished out their brand of what is apparently now “eccies music”. Joking aside, this might have been the tightest we have ever seen them, and this was owed to many factors.

This included years of experience, obviously, but also the small, intimate setting of Bloc helped elevate their sound in a way, mainly due to the fact there was a real atmosphere in that room, ignited by a mixture of the vocals, the light samples and even the smoke and colours of the venue.

Between the banter of consecutive maternity leaves, the numbers packed a punch with dazzling dual riffs and booming rhythm sections aplenty, particularly from Calum on the latter with his kinetic, forceful drumming.

It was an engrossing display from a constantly evolving and improving act that just clicked in all the right ways.


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