SMALL GIG REPORT | Megalomatic – Bar Bloc (29.10.18)


Somehow, the Edinburgh rock quartet of Lion On Tiger had avoided our radar for so long. We hadn’t even listened to them prior to this gig, so we were going in blind, and coming out, we were left utterly embarrassed for letting them slip by us.

They put on a hell of a tight showing, chock full with hearty dual vocals, some seriously superb guitar playing and banging drum blasts.

All four brought an energy that encompassed the room and had the crowd hooked through all the exciting numbers they had to offer, and they were pretty lively on there too.

It was a strong performance that properly set the bar for Megalomatic to follow up on, and you can sure as hell bet that we went and got their new EP bought and downloaded as soon as we got home.

Megalomatic got the gears quickly in motion with the back-to-back combo of A Yellow Chair, A Golden Chariot and Silky, and from there on in, there were cracking riff sections, grungy bass chords and firm drumming.

The boys showcased some new tunes for the first time ever, which included MothBurst and the fast and furious Let’s Be Real Here, which all sounded good.

We also got a collection of familiar material like the blazing Trider, the old favourite What An Comfortable Sentence and the memorable Civility Smiles; the latter greeted with a chorus of synchronised headbanging throughout the audience.

It was all going smoothly, but then some crowd-surfing nutjob (wink wink, nudge nudge) enters the fray out of nowhere, and suddenly the venue devolves into chaos, with the crowd going ballistic for the last three potent tracks – Stan Darsh, Electric Circus and Cesspit.

It was another heavy, hard-hitting display that gets more refined with every gig, and it capped off with the most bonkers of conclusions.

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