SMALL GIG REPORT | Twin Heart – King Tuts (27.10.18)

twin heart

Some familiar faces in the form of alternative rockers Remind Me Of Home started up the night. We seen them live twice before, where they had done fine, and it was a similar story here.

They went at a steady pace, with a couple of high spots including Bloodless and Enigma, and quite a fair amount of people had come down early and stuck around for the whole set, bobbing their heads and frequently howling.

On the whole, the guys put in a solid effort, although there were one or two instances of distracting miscues that hindered the flow a bit, but otherwise a decent opening to the show.

Some tightening up is essential, and we do feel they need to up the ante moving into 2019 and beyond. It’s not until they find that quality that unwraps their potential and turns them into something other than “just another local band” that they will find greater success, and make no mistake when we say that they have the tools to do so.

We hadn’t listened to Crashes in almost a year, and we had forgotten how good they actually were. They’re a band that don’t have the biggest buzz surrounding them, but whenever they pop up in conversation, it’s always in a positive light, and there’s a reason for that…

They entered on in matching costumes and masks; the latter thrown off early because stage lights are about as hot as the sun.

The quartet have proven to have come so far in the past 12 months, working as a professional force up there. There were fervent vocals, great riffs and tight rhythms throughout as they played tracks from The Lightning Age, as well as selections to be featured on their upcoming EP, Something’s Wrong.

The packed audience were so into it, chiming in and dancing about – even igniting a mosh or two in the centre of the venue – and there were constant chants of the group’s name.

Closing out with I Am The Enemy, the guys had thoroughly impressed everybody with as near to a show-stealing performance as it gets. They had a clear dynamic and made such a connection with the paying public that were squished in that room.

A big thumbs up from us, and we already can’t wait for their follow-up record. Crashes could very well be ones to watch in 2019.

The headlining Ayrshire trio Twin Heart genuinely had a tough act to follow here, but with years of experience behind them, they know how to put on a memorable performance, and that they did.

They surprisingly kicked off with Speak To Me, which is usually saved for the finish, but they booted it up a notch with Ghosts and now were off to the races, getting the place fired up in the process.

More highlights from the set included the emotional Little Death, the passionate Suffocating and the vastly underrated stormer that is Young Eyes. The forthcoming new single was fantastic, and they unexpectedly dug out Take Me To The Otherside from the Mechanical Smile archives.

Dawn, donning pigtails and a pink dress, was fabulously theatrical and so animated, bouncing about merrily half of the time, while throwing out a few birds here and there. Kyle was slick on the bass and backed up Dawn on the vocals nicely, and Murray belted out big drum beats like a tank.

After a pair of heavy-hitters, Down and Losing Trust, they finally wrapped up with Failure Of Another. The band were on fire from start to finish and completely in the moment, and the crowd responded in earnest. A satisfyingly dazzling show to make this a Halloween night out to remember.

“Kyyyleee. Kyyyleee.”

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