SMALL GIG REPORT | TheCityIsOurs – Ivory Blacks (24.10.18)


Kicking off the night were Glasgow’s own Corrupt The System, and man did they rock. The metal troupe worked as a tight, coherent unit throughout as they churned out tunes from their Game Over album and the like.

There were some dynamic riffs and bulky vocals from the pair of Neil and Paul. Meanwhile, Gary plucked out some awesome chords off his hellish-looking bass, and Adam was in the zone with great, rapid drumming.

It was damn impressive stuff from an act who got the job done, and to be quite frank, we feel we haven’t given this act nearly enough attention.

We had originally seen Horizons at Friends With Benefest last year. They were good then, and it was a similar story here.

The hardcore quintet were on their usual form, with Johnathan showing a lot of confidence and packing brawn behind his screams. Lee, Matt and Adam were lined up on the bass and guitars respectively and played their parts adequately, and the drum beats from Lewis were pretty potent.

Highlights included HollowedA Bid Farewell and the hooking Pathfinder to wrap up on, topped by a surprise guest appearance from our new pal, Mikey from TheCityIsOurs.

Overall, they put on a real solid showing that kept the attention of the crowd, and we wouldn’t mind seeing them yet again in the future.

It goes without saying by this point that As Everything Unfolds have been riding a huge wave of momentum lately, between constantly growing attention on them and their recently released blow-away EP, so we were surely in for something to remember.

They instantly found a groove and established a presence in front of everybody, which never cooled as they dished out a set of exciting tracks, primarily from Closure, with focal points such as the immense Centuries, the energetic You Will Be and the huge and catchy Divided, and just like the EP, they were joined by Sam from TheCityIsOurs for the latter, and let’s just say that he and Charlie make for a hell of a combo.

Charlie was so engrossed in her performance and wielded a seriously versatile voice. The twin guitars from Adam and Owen were loud and large, the rhythm section of George and Jamie kinetic, and Jon was bouncing around merrily behind the keys, and littered throughout were fantastic choruses and sizeable drops.

An incredible effort from a band who have only cemented all the more that they are destined for big things.

Truth be told, we had never listened to TheCityIsOurs prior to this tour being announced, and boy were we missing out, so to make up for the sin of lost time, we made sure to be present front and centre for them to finish off the show.

The venue darkened (and the stage was mopped) and they soon emerged, proceeding to fire out banger after banger for what was a non-stop thrill ride.

Sam was a superb frontman and a natural fit in his role, Mikey was the ideal companion, being passionate in his own right, and courtesy of Jay, Louis and Stuart, it was excellent riffs, thumping bass tones and banging drum beats galore, and the breakdowns were of the holy-moly standard.

Their chemistry was undeniable, and they kept the energy flowing from to end to end, not being disrupted by a few technical faults. The stage production was also something to behold; chock full with colourful lights, blinding strobes and jets of smoke.

It was simply spectacular, and we would happily pay a lot of money to relive the experience again. Also, watching the two drunken diehards at the barrier in the midst of it all was worth the price of admission alone.


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