SMALL GIG REPORT | Moonstruck & Noisy Castle present… October 2018 Showcase


Unfortunately, due to disgraceful bus services, we were very late in coming down and we had missed most of Luthia, but luckily we arrived in the nick of time to at least catch their closing number.

The trio ignited an atmosphere within the small room that was magnetic and had the crowd hooked in total silence. The keys and guitar chords were delicate, and the harmonies were so warm and glorious.

We might have only seen them for one song, but it was enough to make us fans and convince us to find out more about them.

Eliza Younger took her place and proceeded to play a mixture of covers and originals, with the latter featuring engaging lyrics, but consistent throughout were tender vocals and a lovely performance on the harp in Eliza’s tow.

Another new face to us, and another one we’ll certainly be keeping an eye on, especially given that she’s about to head into the studio to record what we can only assume will be something special.

It was becoming obvious the diversity between the acts, for now we had an acoustic set courtesy of Belgian born-and-bred Barney Bridges (alliteration not intended). Easily stressed by cables – in his own words – and given the cosy environment, he went at it completely raw at first, although the cable did go in eventually.

Every one of his songs had the people entranced, and that was down to his incredibly articulate voice, pulling subject matters, and his very precise, fluent playing that seamlessly switched between plucking and strumming in the bat of an eye.

On the whole, Barney was a lovely, humble guy with a heap of talent that deserves to be appreciated.

And now to finish the evening, a stripped back performance from Lily and Gordon of electronic dream-pop outfit L-Space, who we had been dying to see for the longest time.

They performed a collection of sweet tracks from their Kipple Arcadia album, including Backup Baby and Space Junk, as well as other pieces like Old Machines and even a wonderful brand new track.

Lily in the flesh was just as terrific as she is on record. She is just so harmonious and possesses such grace, and Gordon accompanied her with great acoustics, plus synths on one occasion.

Although different from what they were accustomed to, it was magic nonetheless, and to see them in person was such a nice experience.

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