Vodun – Ascend | SMALL MUSIC SCENE


We are all spoiled by the amount of great records that are released over the course of a year, but once in a while, something extra special comes along and makes a lasting impact.

Case in point: London afro-metal trio Vodun, who recently put out their second full-length album – Ascend.

It becomes quickly clear that all the tunes are tied together under numerous themes of a similar nature, such as the pride of and link to family heritage, overcoming adversity, and fighting back suffering at the hands of other powers that force you and/or your loved ones into a repulsive situation.

It is all very poignant, hard-hitting stuff, and ranks among the best and most significant writing in recent memory, and even through the negative subjects, they are ultimately able to promote positivity; often through the tribal messages that bridge many of the songs.

Performance-wise, the three musicians are incredible. The vocals are utterly powerful and pack a tonne of power and spirit, the riffs are blinding, and the drumming is vividly intense. With these qualities unified, the group deliver tracks that are just massive, energetic and usually featuring insanely good choruses.

From both a musical and lyrical standpoint, Ascend is simply phenomenal, and will go down as one of 2018’s pivotal albums.


Started From, Spirits Past, New Doom, Elusive Freedom, Rituals, Time Honoured


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